R134a is the most secure and only solvent for extraction developed as extraction methodology for pharma to extract perfume and taste, it’s the best manner of extraction of botanicals. Primarily based on the feedback looks like most of the folks should not have any expertise with the know-how.
R134a is nonvolatile solvent, it’s non explosive, nonflammable and work at low strain (6-Eight bars) and room temperature. Butane and Ethanol are risky or flamable, CO2 works at very excessive strain. Each know-how has execs and cons, the advantages of R134a are that you simply get very near winterized oil immediately from the machine, the solvent is used as supply system for inchalators, it’s a lot improved model of its predecesor R22.

R134a solvent:
• Low-cost to refil and reusable
• Machine comes as a flip key solution- absolutely loaded and able to use, no particular arrange required (no different know-how does that and so they don’t let you know it will likely be fairly costly to load it with solvent)
• Very min losses because the system is closed loop
• Nonflammable, non-volatile – straightforward approval and no constructing outfitting prices
• Fully Protected (no room outfiting wanted)
• Single-step extraction to prime quality (av 70% CBD and 85%+ d9) of true full spectrum Preserves the weather of the flower unaltered within the extract together with the terpenes
• Low value of upkeep
• No particular abilities required to function the machine
• The extract that comes immediately from the machine is on common 70% focus with about 1% terpens, it additionally extracts Stay Resin (non-decarbed) with excessive % terpens and acid type of teh cannabinoids (nice for neutraceuticals)

R134a has been recognized to the pharma, perfume and taste business for over 20 years. An in depth Discover of GRAS Exemption for R134a as an extraction solvent was submitted to the FDA in 2001. R134a is extensively used because the propellant in inhaler pharma merchandise (for instance, to deal with bronchial asthma). A 1996 report from the Nationwide Analysis Council (NRC), “Toxicity of Options to Chlorofluorocarbons”, states that 40,000 ppm of tetrafluoroethane (i.e. 4%) has no impact on human well being. As compared, 4% CO2 within the air will trigger complications and eight% may end up in the sufferer being mind useless in Four minutes. Butane and propane are flammable in 6% focus and may explode. Right here is R134a’s security information sheet from Nationwide Refrigerants. The boiling level of R134a is -30C, which makes it very straightforward to take away from an extract with boiling level of 130C-185C. That’s the reason the residue will not be a difficulty with this solvent in comparison with butane with boiling level 5C and alcohol 60C.