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Marijuana law reform in NH is in a sad state. The governor of NH (Chris Sununu) is opposed to legalization, and even not too long ago vetoed the retraction of the death penalty in NH, which was overturned by the NH congress. Chris Sununu is not representative of the persons of NH and I hope that the subsequent election kicks his ass out. His lack of understanding of New Hampshire persons and it's foundations of becoming a totally free state is purpose sufficient. It was voted currently by the NH senate to delay any movement on the measure till either late this year or subsequent (https://www.wmur.com/write-up/nh-senate-votes-to-delay-recreational-marijuana-legalization-bill/27677406). The constituents of NH have spoken in polls for years, and they want cannabis legalized. The lack of our representatives to do considerably about it or oppose it is appalling. They *really should* represent the peoples opinion initial, not their parties or their personal.

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