Wisconsin Sister Believes Cannabis Is A “Present From God”


A self-ordained order of nuns who think cannabis is a “present from God” began their personal mini weed empire in California.

According to Ranker, 58-year-old Sister Kate moved to California from Wisconsin in 2009, exactly where she and her brother began a marijuana collective that specialized in strains that could offer overall health advantages without having smoking. Right after functioning with other girls at the collective, she decided to produce her personal order.

The Sisters of the Valley certainly are not Catholic, nor are they some offshoot religion that acknowledges Catholic ideals and practices. Rather, they look at themselves Beguine revivalists, which “attain back to pre-Christian practices.”

The Sisters manufacture solutions wealthy with CBD derived from marijuana for the reason that they think MJ is “actually God’s present.” The solutions do not include THC, nonetheless. Their target is to share the “healing energy of cannabis” with the planet.

Study far more right here, and verify out their solutions right here.


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