The Province of Alberta has lifted its moratorium on new cannabis shops due to a national cannabis shortage and has begun processing current retail shop applications in their queue.

The moratorium was initial announced in November, and the province speculated it could take up to 18 months for the national cannabis shortage to lessen in order to lift the ban.

“Due to a steady boost in AGLC’s cannabis provide, the moratorium on accepting new retail licence applications and issuing new retail licences has been lifted,” study the starting of today’s release from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

The AGLC says it will “continue to monitor the provide to make certain that retailers continue to acquire sufficient inventory.”

The provincial agency mentioned they will be issuing 5 licences on a weekly basis, “in order to make certain that Alberta’s current and new retailers have a constant quantity of item.”

The image stands in stark contrast to earlier reports that shops in Alberta had been cutting hours and closing temporarily due to a cannabis shortage. As not too long ago as this week, cannabis retailers in Ontario had been cutting back their hours due to provide shortages, which limits their shops to a 25 kilogram allotment of cannabis per week.

Final month the Globe and Mail reported that the most coveted cannabis merchandise, these higher in THC, speedily sell out at shops across Alberta. It is unknown regardless of whether these provide challenges will continue, but the ALGC did say that if the stability of inventory requires a “drastic” downturn, it will evaluate reinstating the moratorium.

Provinces across the nation have been feeling the cannabis item shortage.

Wellness Canada, for its portion, has mentioned there is not basically a national shortage of provide of cannabis—citing seemingly-healthful licensed producer inventory levels—but rather provide chain issues and ”localized and item-distinct shortages.”

Nonetheless, shops in provinces across the nation have decreased their hours, even in current weeks, due to the lack of cannabis merchandise they have access to.

Alberta’s move offers welcome news to the market that the provide constraints—or what ever you want to get in touch with the predicament shops have discovered themselves in—may now commence to alleviate.