Deciding which strengths and dosage of CBD to choose can be confusing. From 50mg to 1500mg, how do you determine which is the correct dose for you and what does it even mean? Depending on your disposition, you may think that the bigger and stronger the dose, the better. But what if that isn’t necessarily the best thing to do?

It’s a strange symptom of being a human being that we can at times consider the bigger to be the better. Whether it’s a bigger car, a bigger house or a bigger bank balance – the pros and cons all produce a balanced order, of sorts.

Yes, a big house will provide you with more space, but will also come with more taxation and more time cleaning. A powerful car will get you from A to B that bit quicker, but will ultimately incur a larger insurance bill and more fuel.
An increased amount in your bank balance may give the illusion of happiness, but in reality, there’s more to life. The harmony or discourse associated with the right amount, or an excessive dose that you deem to be so convinced you need, is all relative to a key component – you!

Which CBD product should I use?

There are many CBD infused products available on the market. However, tongue drops and vape oil are often considered to be the best method for your body to absorb CBDs properties.

How to use CBD Hemp Oil Drops
As one might assume, CBD oil drops are intended to be placed directly under the tongue or mixed with your favourite food and drink. If placing under your tongue, use 2-4 drops and hold for 60-90 seconds for your mucus glands in your mouth to be able to absorb as much CBD as it can directly into your bloodstream. Simply swallow any remaining liquid thereafter and repeat 2 – 3 times a day or as you and your body see fit.

Should CBD Oil be Taken with Food?

CBD can be somewhat of an acquired flavour. So if you’d the taste on its own, mix it in with your food or drink. Because the CBD molecule will breakdown as it travels through your digestive system, add an additional 1-2 drops than you would if you were to place under your tongue to get the equivalent dose.

If you vape e-liquid, then VSAVI’s CBD Vape Oil – available in a range of flavoured and unflavoured options – are a great alternative to the tongue drops.

The main difference between the tongue drops and vape oil will be the lower concentration levels of CBD found in the latter, which means you will need to vape that bit more throughout the day to achieve the same levels as the tongue drops.

The CBD will be absorbed into your bloodstream through your lungs and mouth, with the calming wave-like effects typically felt within 30 seconds to two minutes and lasting for anything up to six hours.

What’s the right dose for you?

In every instance, we would recommend starting on the lowest dose and strength of CBD available and working your way from there depending on how you feel.

Everybody is different, which means we’re all going to have an optimum strength that’s just right for us. If you’re feeling a little suspect and off colour the likelihood is you’ve probably exceeded what your body is deeming to be acceptable. Are you feeling like you’re frequently vaping or wanting to use more drops? You’ll probably need to up your strength.

VSAVI Tongue Drops are available from 300mg or 3% to 1500mg or 15% of CBD per 10ml bottle, and VSAVI’s Vape Oil offer a scale of strengths that range from 50mg to 1000mg per 10ml bottle of e-liquid.

Remember – just because your friend is using some inordinate super strength of 4000mg, doesn’t mean that you should too. Start by keeping it simple and work your way from there.

Why use CBD?

There are no remedial or palliative benefits recognised by the UK and EU regarding CBD products, so why and how much you use will be down to you. Some anecdotal evidence suggests CBD as a useful inflammatory, while others comment on its usefulness to aid a good night’s sleep. Let us know your thoughts and comments on why you use CBD and how much you use.

Since we cannot make medical claims about our products, we encourage you to browse the thousands of reputable studies regarding CBD published online and talk with your doctor to see if a CBD supplement is right for you.