If you or someone you know has attention hyperactivity disorder, you are likely wondering what treatment options work the best. ADHD can range in severity and the way it impacts the lives of those who have it, and some treatment options will work for one person but not another. This guide explores ADHD, how it affects the brain and why some people believe CBD oil is a viable solution. Additionally, we explore CBD as a more natural alternative to ADHD treatment.

To get a clear picture of how useful CBD oil is when it comes to ADHD, we will review scientific research and case studies. The goal is to arm you with the information you need to make the best possible choice for your situation. Learning to control the symptoms of ADHD effectively can improve the quality of life for those with the condition, so you want to explore each option until you find one that fits your needs and long-term goals. 

The Symptoms of ADHD

The symptoms of ADHD include hyperactivity and an inability to focus on mundane tasks for extended periods. Those with ADHD will often find it next to impossible to concentrate while at work or in educational settings. While many people think of a lack of focus when they hear the term ADHD, the condition also comes with other symptoms about which most people don’t know. 

ADHD can cause mood swings and trouble controlling anger and other intense emotions. The inability to focus for prolonged periods makes it difficult for people with ADHD to commit things to long-term memory, so they tend to forget facts and overlook essential parts of daily living. Also, ADHD comes in two types. The first is what most people picture when they think of ADHD, such as someone who can’t focus and is always moving from one task to another. 

Even though some so-called experts use ADHD and ADD interchangeably, there are important differences. Those with attention deficit disorder have trouble paying attention to mundane tasks but don’t always show visible symptoms. In other words, they can appear calm to onlookers even when their minds are racing from one thought to another. 

How ADHD Impacts Lives

People without ADHD often have trouble understanding how the symptoms can impact those who have it. Rather than being present or absent, ADHD exists on a broad spectrum. Those on one end of the scale might have so few symptoms that the condition has almost no impact on their lives. On the other hand, some people can have intense symptoms that make everyday tasks a monumental challenge. 

The inability to focus can lead to bad grades in school or college, and many people give up on their career goals as a result. The forgetfulness and impulsivity of ADHD can make it hard to maintain close relationships with others. People will often view the symptoms of ADHD as a sign their partner does not care. The lack of focus can lead to impulsive behavior that has lasting fallout, such as engaging in risky behavior. 

CBD for ADHD Can Help

ADHD Causes

Some experts disagree on how ADHD manifests itself in the brain, but almost everyone agrees that parts of the ADHD brain are smaller or less active than normal. In brain scans, people with ADHD show less activity in the frontal lobe than those without the condition. Among performing other tasks, the frontal lobe is in charge of regulating executive functions, which include attention, planning, emotion regulation and self-monitoring. 

Unless they make a conscious effort to do so, people with ADHD have trouble understanding other points of view. They must remember to consider how other people think and feel, or they will only think of how their choices impact themselves. Those with extreme symptoms will often realize something is out of place but won’t be able to identify the exact problem they are facing. They often feel as though others are always trying to control their behavior and actions, causing them to feel unaccepted. 

Related Conditions

Most people who have ADHD will go on to develop other conditions as they grow into adulthood. The conditions are often similar to ADHD, making them a little more challenging to detect. These conditions can worsen the symptoms of ADHD and make it even more difficult to manage, and not everyone seeks treatment for the problem. 

If you want to control the symptoms and make your life as easy as possible, learning about related conditions and how they change things is a good step in the right direction. You won’t get the best possible results if you only seek treatment for one of the conditions, so understanding problems that often occur beside ADHD is essential. 


Those with ADHD are almost three times more likely to experience depression than people without ADHD. While ADHD appears during childhood, the symptoms of depression tend to show up in the late teens or early adulthood. In this context, depression can come from a neurological disorder or chemical imbalance in the brain that results in a persistently negative mood or lack of motivation. If you have depression caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, seeking a reliable treatment is your only safe bet. 

On the other hand, depression is sometimes the result of poor life choices influenced by ADHD. In those cases, your best option is to learn effective ways of managing the symptoms of ADHD so that you can get your life moving in a positive direction. This can include behavioral therapy and making an effort to improve your self-discipline. 

Many people with ADHD try overlooking the issue and living as if they did not have it. Taking that path is not wise and makes it even harder to keep your life on track. Accepting that you have ADHD and taking steps to work around it gives you the highest odds of success no matter your goals. 

CBD and Depression


Anxiety and ADHD are more related than a lot of people realize, and they often work together and make it hard to manage daily obligations. When the ADHD mind starts to race, it can easily go down a dark path and begin picturing all of the worst things that could happen, and that is when anxiety gains leverage. A person living with ADHD can get stuck thinking of all of the ways her life can go downhill, and anxiety will make itself known. 

Anxiety is a disorder in the brain that triggers the fight-or-flight response for seemingly no reason. Mild anxiety can cause persistent feelings of unease that disrupt people’s lives, but it does not always hold them back from reaching their full potential. On the extreme end, anxiety can cause intense feelings of dread that make simple tasks seem impossible. Controlling anxiety in addition to getting proper treatment for ADHD can work wonders to improve your quality of life. 

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Another condition that often comes with ADHD is oppositional defiant disorder, or ODD. ODD manifests itself as aggression and irritability in addition to defiance toward authority figures. A child with ADHD can show symptoms of ODD from a young age, and the condition can progress to conduct disorder without treatment. Those with ODD tend to display antisocial traits and have a disregard for social norms, which often leads to trouble at school or legal problems for adults. 

A Close Look at CBD Oil

Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, is a compound found in the marijuana plant that lacks the psychoactive effects of THC. As many states across America move toward legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, experts are beginning to study CBD oil and the way it impacts the human body. 

CBD oil reacts with the messenger system of the brain to provide a wide range of benefits that have taken the world by surprise. Some believe that CBD can help people who are suffering from neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s. Since research related to CBD is in the early stages, researchers still have a lot of work to do before they can hope to fully understand the advantages it offers. 


When it comes to ADHD and CBD oil, no official studies confirm that it offers objective benefits. The only evidence at this time comes from people who have used it and reported decreased hyperactivity and an improved ability to sit still and relax. 

Others who have used CBD oil reported that they did not receive any benefit from it, but that is not a reason to disregard CBD as a possible option. Many FDA approved medications benefit some people but have no impact on others. Since CBD oil does not have many side effects, those with ADHD have nothing to lose by giving it a try. 

To be safe, people considering this path should discuss their concerns with a doctor before moving forward. The good news, however, is that many people have had success using CBD to manage depression and anxiety. Since those conditions often exist alongside ADHD, this option offers hope to those who want to control their symptoms and improve their lives. 

CBD for Depression

The problem with depression and ADHD occurring together is that they both can cause a lack of motivation. From an ADHD point of view, the lack of motivation comes from an inability to decide where to begin and what task to prioritize. On the other hand, depression kills motivation by making it seem as though everything is pointless and that no outcome will improve a person’s quality of life. 

Combating just one of those issues is hard enough on its own, but dealing with both is even more daunting. The good news is that CBD oil has been shown to combat the symptoms of depression in some studies. Regular use of CBD oil can fight depression and help people with ADHD find the required motivation to chase their dreams and pursue their goals. 

If you have trouble getting yourself to stay on task and finish what you start, you need to do everything you can to improve your situation. Some people try using willpower to overcome the roadblocks caused by ADHD. Rather than trying to fight yourself, use the tools you have on hand to make moving forward much easier. 

CBD for Anxiety

In one survey, more than half of the people who responded stated they use CBD oil to improve medical conditions, and anxiety was among the most common. Many of the world’s leading medical experts remain reluctant to confirm CBD oil as a viable option for sufferers of anxiety, but many users report positive effects after taking it. 

Some studies indicate that CBD use shows a pattern of reducing the impact of social anxiety and relieving stress related to public speaking. Since anxiety and ADHD magnify each other, addressing one might reduce the symptoms of the other. 

Taking CBD for ADHD

At this point, you could be wondering how you should take CBD to enjoy the rewards. Depending on your preferences, you have several options from which to choose. You can take CBD oil orally by placing it directly in your mouth, or you can add it to your meals. 

With this option, you will need to wait up to an hour before you will notice any impact of the CBD oil. A lot of people like this option because it’s discreet, and nobody has to know what they are doing. When you are at work, you can take a quick dose while you are the only one in the room, but you can also take it in your car or anywhere else. 

Vaping is another option you can use when taking CBD oil. With vaping, you place CBD oil in a device that vaporizes the oil and allows you to inhale it. Many people report feeling the effects within a few minutes of using their vaporizer. The downside is that many places won’t allow you to use a vaporizer on their property. Another issue worth considering is that taking too much is a lot easier when you inhale it, so make sure you start slow and monitor the impact it has on your body and mind. 

A lot of people ask how much CBD oil they should take and how often they should do it, which is a great question. The problem is that each person is different and can have a unique response to CBD oil. People who weigh more than others or have severe ADHD symptoms can require higher doses than others. In addition to body weight and symptom severity, the chemistry of your brain also determines how much CBD oil you need to use. 

To stay safe, start with the smallest possible dose and slowly increase it until you get the desired effect. This path takes a bit longer but improves your odds of getting the most from the CBD oil you try. Since finding the right dose for you could make a big difference in the outcome you can expect, it’s worth the time and effort. 

Getting Started

If you are interested in CBD oil and the benefits you might gain from it, you need to find a reputable supplier so that you can get the most for your money. A lot of companies exist and try telling you they are the best. Even though you have tons of options, you must go with one that stands apart from the rest. CBGenius is a company that sells CBD oil and accessories that stand out from other products on the market, and they care about each customer who buys from them.