Cashing in on cannabis? A new Plano-based magazine will focus on CBD | Business


CBD Snapshot is bimonthly. Its distribution is 125,000, according to the company. It costs about $8 per issue on national newstands or about $20 for an annual subscription. It has 11 full-time staff members. Alpert is based in New York City, but most of the staff and the magazine’s headquarters are in Plano.

It will be on national newstands at stores, including Barnes and Noble, Target, Walgreens and Natural Grocers.

Alpert, a dietitian and author of two nutrition-related books, said the mission of CBD Snapshot is personal. Her husband struggles with chronic pain, numbness and cramping in his legs and hands from an autoimmune disease. Several years ago, she encouraged him to try CBD. He began to regularly take capsules of the cannabis compound, and they have minimized his symptoms, she said.

After researching CBD‘s benefits, she said, she began recommending it to clients at her private practice who struggled with anxiety-related overeating.

After learning more about CBD and seeing policymakers update laws across the country, she said she’s convinced it’s a wellness trend with staying power. 

“I can only see it getting bigger at this stage,” she said. 


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