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There is so much information out there concerning Hemp Extract products, it’s important to understand what it is (and what it isn’t).

Hemp Extract, Industrial Hemp Extract, Hemp Oil, Hemp Extract Oil, etc, all refer to the same product: Raw oils extracted from the Hemp Plant. This raw oil can be mixed and blended into MANY different consumer goods ranging from nutritional supplements, cosmetics, pain creams, edible snacks, candles, aromatherapy oils, massage oils, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Hemp Extract can also be broken down into different categories and it’s important to understand what you’re buying to understand what is and isn’t in the product you’re looking at. Check out our other article on Is Full Spectrum the Same as Isolate?

The benefits and reasons for including Hemp Extract in your diet or healthcare regimen vary widely and not everyone will experience the same health benefits. To dive a little deeper into this topic, check out our article on What is Hemp Used For?

There are also products that have Hemp Seed Oil in them (in fact, many Hemp Extract products are blended with Hemp Seed Oils). Don’t get confused by misleading labels, check out our article on Is Hemp Seed Oil the Same as Hemp Extract?