When it comes to choosing a great quality hemp oil that is going to be beneficial to your overall health as well as perhaps targeting a specific need or condition, then the CBDPure hemp oil 600mgs would seem to tick all the boxes!

Why Choose the 600
over the 100, or 300mgs that are also available? Simply because it has an
excellent percentage of the all-important CBD (cannabidiol) present. The 600mg
by the way means that the hemp seed oil includes 600 milligrams of CBD per

In the case of the
600, this means that every serving includes 20mg of CBD. This is as well as all
the other benefits of a full-spectrum oil which has over 80 different cannabinoids,
terpenes and Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids present in the hemp seed oil which is
the main carrier oil included in CBDPure’s offering.

The Benefits of
CBDPure oil:

cbdpure hemp oil 600
  • CBDPure is an organic oil that has no artificial colorings, preservatives or toxic chemicals added. Also there is no THC included which means that it cannot get you high and is 100% legal throughout the USA and Europe.
  • It is extracted from organically grown hemp plants in Colorado that enforce strict quality control to ensure only the best quality oil.
  • Third party testing from independent laboratories ensure that the customer gets exactly what they pay for – the best quality CBD Hemp oil.
  • Choice of strengths available. CBDPure is available in three strengths at 100, 300, and 600 mgs per 60ml bottle.
  • CBDPure hemp oil is also available as CBD softgels for those who want a simpler easier-to-manage way to consume the oil without the flavour of hemp.

CBDPure Ingredients:

CBDPure hemp oil
contains firstly the main carrier oil which is organic hemp seed oil. This oil has
no cannabinoids but is rich in Omega 3, and 6, polyunsaturated fatty acids as
well as being great source of vitamin E and minerals, such as phosphorus,
potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulphur, calcium, iron and zinc.  Hemp seeds are also an excellent source of protein.

CBDPure Hemp Oil 600

The next largest
component of the CBDPure oil is the CBD oil which is full-spectrum oil from the
stalk, leaves, and flowers of the cannabis sativa industrial hemp plant. This CBD
oil has been extracted from plants especially grown for their high CBD content,
and extremely low THC content (below 0.3%). This means that it will not get you
high and makes it 100% legal.

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CBDPure hemp oil can be found here on their official page. Here you can read more about the manufacture and make-up of the CBDPure Hemp oil 600 they have on offer, as well as their other strengths of CBD oil and CBD softgels.

Author: James

Resident advisor on all things related to CBD hemp oil products. Over 15 years experience in online research in the alternative natural health industry. A firm believer in the health benefits of CBD Hemp Oil.