Incorporating cannabis into your yoga practice can enhance your mind-body connection: helping you drop into a meditative headspace, while also boosting your ability to tune into the sensations of your body. Cannabis and yoga are an ancient pairing! Here are some suggestions for trying the combination out in today’s world:


Giant Herbal Shots $12

Available in both an energizing (Waking Giant) and relaxing (Gentle Giant) option, each berry-licious shot contains a special blend of terpenes and herbs, plus 30mg THC- helping you get to the perfect headspace.


Body Buzz Bath Salts $25

If you like the idea of soaking in a tub of cannabis post-yoga, Body Buzz is for you! Scented with lavender and eucalyptus oils, this infused Epsom salt soak will leave you feeling like you’ve just had a luxurious spa treatment. These bath salts contain 100mg THC and 40mg CBD!


Flex-All 420 $48

FLex-All 420 is one of the most cannabinoid-rich topical options we offer, boasting at least 420mg of cannabinoids per pot. It has a non-greasy transdermal cream base, which helps to deliver the cannabinoids to even the deepest aches and pains. Flex-All 420 is available in a tension-melting essential lavender oil scent, or a more traditional mentholated formula. Keep that post-yoga body feeling going all day long!


Fairwinds Flow Cream $50

Flow Cream has a blend of skin-nourishing ingredients- such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, herbs, and cannabinoids- in Fairwinds’ proprietary Canna Vera base, which is made from cannabis fats, waxes, and juice.  Each pot contains 25mg THC, 100mg THCA, and 250mg CBD.



If you’re attending our ELEVATED YOGA event this Sunday, Feb 24th led by Baylee Sinner of Three Moon Collective– keep an eye out for these strains:

Boggy Boon’s Serious Happiness

This cheerful, uplifting flower is a perfect way to get your zen going before practicing yoga, or to keep it up after class is over! Pleasantly cerebral, with a soft physical buzz to match it.

Puffin Farm’s Dancehall

One of Dockside’s favorite CBD-rich strains, this low-THC phenotype can be a wonderful option for those seeking some physical relaxation with little-to-no sensation of being high!

Emerald Jane’s Vanilla Kush

A fantastic, relaxing-to-the-body flower, this smoke is a perfect treat after completing demanding exercise! Deliciously sweet flavor notes permeate the strain so thoroughly, you’ll feel like you just ate dessert.