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You are
planning to buy a CBD oil product. Now, you are wondering how to use
it. You also wonder what the best form to purchase that can offer you
the best benefits. In this article, you can learn about the different
types of CBD oil and the different way you can consume them. Read on
to find out how each type differs from each other.


CBD oil
concentrates are often in bottled syringes. These are pure oil
straight from plant extraction. It usually looks like a viscous and
resinous paste, which can be brown, dark green, golden, or slightly
reddish. The color depends on the plant and the manufacturing
process. The different methods to use CBD concentrate include:

  • Sublingually
    – taking the right dose by a finger or a spoon or placing it under
    your tongue. Wait a few minutes for it to dissolve before
  • Topically
    – put the desired amount on your finger then apply to the affected
  • Vaporizer
    – vaporize the resinous substance and then smoke it.
  • Make a
    Tincture – dissolve the concentrate in your chosen vegetable oil
    or alcohol.
  • Pour
    in a capsule – you can pour it into capsules, although you can buy
    ready-made CBD capsules.

You can use
a CBD concentrate in a variety of ways. You can do pretty much
anything with it and introduce it into your body in different
methods. The only problem that makes people look for other methods to
consume CBD is that not everyone likes the taste of a concentrate.
CBD concentrates have a strong taste that can either be spicy or
bitter, which isn’t appealing to everyone.

Tinctures and Drops

and drops of CBD oil are the most popular forms. They are the diluted
form of the CBD concentrate, often using a vegetable oil. You can
also use other kinds of oil such as hemp seed oil, coconut oil, or
olive oil. These forms aren’t as potent with a concentrate of CBD
at around 3 to 10%.

The most
common method to use CBD drops and tinctures is sublingual. The other
methods include:

  • Get a
    dropper and fill it with CBD oil. Using the dropper let a drop of
    your desired amount of CBD oil under the tongue. Let it get absorbed
    for around 1 to 5 minutes then swallow. You can also use a spoon if
    using a dropper is difficult. Put your desired amount of the oil on
    the spoon then put it under your tongue.
  • If not
    sublingually, you can also use the CBD tincture topically. Just take
    your desired amount of CBD tincture then apply directly to the
    affected area.
  • You
    can also consume CBD tinctures by mixing it into your smoothies or
    other beverages. This method, however, is known to decrease the
    bioavailability of the tincture so that the CBD oil is less
  • Some
    CBD tinctures can also be consumed by vaporizing or smoked. In this
    method, however, it is best to use CBD vape oils instead of

These are the different methods you can consume CBD oil and enjoy its benefits. Take note of which methods often quick effects and which is the most comfortable method for you. No matter how you want to use CBD oil, you can find a variety of ways to do that.

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