In this article, we explain why we produce the best CBD gummies, and why they might be the perfect delivery method your CBD needs.

The options available to the new CBD consumer today can be pretty overwhelming. Depending on what your requirements are, you can get your medicine via vaping, CBD-dominant flower, tinctures, topicals, even suppositories!

2018 saw the public interest in CBD skyrocket, spurred largely by cannabis legalization reaching what many consider to be a tipping point in its push towards eventual federal legalization.

To underline that widespread curiosity, “ CBD Gummies” was the third highest food-related search on Google in 2018, which shows that gummies fast becoming the preferred method of delivery for CBD users.

But in such a new, hyped up marketplace with so many emerging products, it can be challenging for new users to separate the full spectrum oil from the snake oil, and get a true sense of what really works for them.

KushyCBD’s classic peach gummy contains 100mg of CBD, which depending on how you are dosing (and that can vary wildly depending on your needs), can be 10 doses, four doses or a single dose. It’s made with organic ingredients, tapioca syrup instead of high fructose or corn syrup, and uses our famous full spectrum CBD oil.

We’re going to outline six reasons why ours are the best CBD gummies on the market, and explain a little about KushyCBD’s core ethos and best practices.

Our classic CBD gummy has won multiple awards

In the cannabis industry, awards count for a lot. Being an entirely new consumer product category with historically lax standards, a lot of unfamiliar terminology and nebulous rhetoric about effects, consumers and patients alike have looked to the guidance of professional institutions to protect them.

Verification of excellence from experienced judges well-versed in the market goes a long way in helping the quality products stand out.

At the end of 2018, our classic CBD gummy scooped the award for Best CBD product at WeedCon in Ojai, California and in 2016, our gummy placed in the Best CBD category at High Times’ internationally renowned Cannabis Cup

“Being recognized for our CBD gummy is particularly special to us,” said KushyCBD’s CEO and founder Ruben Cross. “I personally use KushyCBD every morning and it has really helped to keep me grounded, focused and generally more calm. So to be awarded one of the first major accolades for CBD in the cannabis industry is a huge honor, particularly as it becomes recognized as a legitimate and compelling alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals.”

Read a full interview with our founder Ruben Cross in leading cannabis publication and resource Leafly.

Gummies are our bread and butter

CBD Gummies
Eating KushyCBD

KushyCBD launched back in 2014 as THC-only company KushyPunch. After experimenting with various forms of edibles, we launched what is now our iconic gummy—a potent, low calorie product which established a much-needed benchmark of consistency in cannabis’ wild west, pre-recreational era.

Today, we’re widely recognized as an industry leader in the cannabis edible space, and our gummies are the top selling products in their category in California.

KushyPunch’s 100mg sativa gummy was recently profiled by the Los Angeles Times, who disclosed that it was the top selling edible in MedMen.

While our CBD gummy will not get you high, we brought the same best practices of our state-of-the-art THC gummy production and imparted those into our CBD products, ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance.

It also tastes great!

We make KushyCBD with all-natural organic ingredients. They are kosher, GMO-free and taste just like a succulent sweet ripe peach!

  • Made with 100% organic, natural flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free
  • Recipe was created by professional confectionery chefs

Writer Dante Jordan over at Leafly recently put together a review of our CBD gummy, and he seemed pretty darn impressed with how delicious our gummy is.

Low calorie, low sugar

CBD Lifestyle
Woman Enjoying Best CBD Gummies From KushyCBD

When Ruben Cross founded KushyPunch in 2014, the edible market was dominated by high calorie baked goods, much of which was empty carbs and a struggle for those with specific dietary requirements low appetites.

“We started thinking about the healthiest ways that we could get people their medicine,” Ruben explains. “We needed something small, easy to consume with low calories and low sugar. The gummy was the perfect delivery method: it’s fun, delicious and effective. We don’t want our patients to feel like they’re sick when they’re consuming our medicine.”

For our KushyCBD gummies, we use tapioca syrup, which is only 3% glucose and doesn’t contain fructose or corn syrup.

“Fructose can diminish your sensitivity to insulin so it’s something that a lot of people don’t want to consume,” explains our chief scientist Carolina Vasquez Mitchell. “We use organic sugar, kosher gelatin and we have invested a lot in getting the best natural flavoring to ensure that our product is both delicious, healthy and the highest quality.”

To learn more about our production ethos, read this interview with our founder Ruben Cross.

Highest quality, full-spectrum oil

CBD Vape
KushyCBD Gummies And Vape

Ultimately, it’s all about the oil.

A lot of cannabis companies today are focusing on packaging and imagery, but we have always placed significant weight on the quality of the oil.

The success of our products will ultimately be determined on how they help users and patients overcome their ailments. While delivery method (gummy vs vape vs tincture) certainly plays a role in that, the oil takes center stage.

KushyCBD uses full spectrum CBD oil, which harnesses a complete spread of the diverse cannabinoids (expect THC of course!), terpenes, flavonoids, and fibers that occur naturally in the cannabis plant.

Many cannabis companies are engaged in a race to give users the most refined, pure distillates, maximizing the presence of particular compounds (in most cases this is THC or CBD) at the expense of the other rich cannabinoids and compounds that are believed to give the plant many of its diverse, health giving properties.

Our full spectrum oil gives users a considerably more honest representation of the cannabis plant, and harnesses many of the additional, lesser-known benefits that have been shown to come from the come this incredible plant.

Made by Carolina Vasquez Mitchell

KushyCBD’s chief scientist and director of R&D is Carolina Vasquez Mitchell, a fiercely talented young scientist from Guadalajara that is a founding member of the Institute of Food Technologists’ new Legalization of Hemp and Cannabis Edibles division.

Compelled by exploring cannabis’ as-yet under-realized capacity to heal and treat people, Carolina has been focused on bringing FDA-level standards to KushyCBD’s lab and testing protocol.

“My background is pharmacology, chemistry and biophysics, and prior to working with KushyCBD I was working in food science,” Carolina explains. “There are a lot of people creating products that don’t have backgrounds in chemistry or food science, and the result is a lot of inconsistency and bad practice.”

“We are creating and packaging products designed for ingestion, and so under those circumstances, it’s extremely important to adhere to high standards of testing,” she continues. “For instance, I know that I can go to any dispensary across California and know that I will get exactly the same taste, the same experience, every single time.”

You can read a full Q&A with KushyCBD’s chief scientist and director of R&D Carolina Vasquez Mitchell in Dope Magazine.

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