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When the Pckt A single came out it liberated me from so several unworthy vape pen batteries. I actually threw away five low-priced vape batteries soon after two days of utilizing the original PCKT A single. The energy and longevity of the battery are outstanding and the PCKT vapes have the absolute greatest carry and type factory of any vape pen. In contrast to conventional vape batteries that are lengthy and pen-shaped, the PCKT A single and PCKT A single Plus are quick and compact. Fantastic for carrying anyplace and vaping anytime.

PCKT A single Plus Video Evaluation

In this fast video I show you the PCKT A single Plus and evaluate to the original Pckt A single vape pen.

PCKT A single Plus vs PCKT A single

The PCKT A single Plus Vape Pen comes with a refillable empty cartridge for wax or thx/ cbd oil.

The Original PCKT A single has a smaller sized diameter opening that does not match the industries biggest vape cartridges. The bigger diameter hole on the PCKT A single Plus fits the biggest refillable cartridges from CCELL as nicely as the fattest cartridges obtainable in California’s market place.

The Plus version also has three distinct temperature settings though the original Pckt A single only has two.

The PCKT A single Plus is $59 and the PCKT A single is $49