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Most current articles about the “War of 1812” ask the query “who won the war?” and the clearest answer is that all the “Native Nations” of North America lost the most: their rights, land and respect.

Incredibly couple of articles have focused on the bring about of the war: Hemp and the Napoleonic Wars in Europe.

In these days ships have been powered by wind, not oil. All ships made use of hemp sails to catch the wind and hemp ropes to hold the masts, anchors, sails, and so forth in location. Hemp was the strongest and most tough all-natural fiber accessible at that time.

The most effective and, thanks to serf labor, least costly hemp came from Russia, although most nations, like Canada and the USA, grew some also. In truth, the Lieutenant Common of Upper Canada in 1801 gave out absolutely free hemp seed to any farmer prepared to develop it, as he saw the have to have for supplying the British Navy, each on the Good Lakes and on the ocean. Some of it went wild (feral) and nonetheless survives on farms north of Lake Ontario.

Neutral American ships got made use of as carriers for the British to obtain hemp from Russia when Napoleon closed Russia’s ports to British ships. Then President Madison declared war when Britain banned Americans from trading with France, beginning the Hemp War of 1812.

“In 1813, the Americans took a trip, across Lake Ontario to steal a lot of hemp. Initial they captured old Fort York (Toronto), the Royal Ship burned down, Then they went to harbourfront to see what could be identified. They filled 14 ships complete of hemp sails and hemp rope, burning all the rest ahead of they torched the town down. The Brits got so mad seeing parliament a-burnin’, “REVENGE!” they cried and burned the White Home down.” (by the ‘hempworkerscoop’ as sung and illustrated on their video web page on YouTube.com)

The loss of the ship and all the hemp, a lot of it destined for the fleet on Lake Erie, brought on the British Navy to shed battles on Lakes Erie and Huron , a hemp mill close to Windsor, and as a result left Southwest Ontario open to invasion by American forces.

Please show me the function of hemp in a typical textbook about the War of 1812. It really is exclusion points to a conscious choice to cover up the function of this G-d provided plant to sustain human life on Earth considering the fact that earliest history

Like leaving the very important function of Native Peoples out of the textbooks taught to our young children has brought on and permitted us to treat Native Peoples as second class citizens in their personal (stolen) land, with numerous not even obtaining potable water even though corporations rake in earnings from the land and sources stolen from them.

Leaving hemp’s function in our previous out of the history books has thrown us into dependence on imports, polluting chemical compounds and oil. Hemp can be the option that revives Canadian sovereignty if men and women want it. For far more about hemp’s use locally, please see HempSeeDee.com


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