A rock and roll music legend from cannabis’ most influential jam band has a doobie he desires you to attempt.

This month, Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart launches a run of mini, pre-rolled joints known as Magic Minis, readily available in California. These are not some crass promotional sticks of hay, either. Hart’s Thoughts Your Head brand Minis are loaded with pungent symbolism— featuring the soaring strain Chemdog from Northern California award-winners, IC Collective.

Celebrating Chemdog

Hart’s brand, Thoughts Your Head, is overdue, offered that the 3-time Grammy-winning percussionist has drummed for the Dead for 28 years. The Grateful Dead helped to propagate modern day cannabis culture as their tours spread the borosilicate glass of Bob Snodgrass, the secret code “420,” and the fabled strain “Chemdog” starting in 1991.

“Chemdog is a legend, as it had been,” mentioned Hart. “At a Grateful Dead concert at Deer Creek, Indiana in ‘91 these guys exchanged seeds—13 of them I believe—in 1 of our parking lots. And Chemdog was born.”

Chemdog, named immediately after its parking lot purchaser, is an ultra-higher-THC strain that delivers a signature astringent aroma of fuel, lemon, and pepper.

In 2018, the cannabis and hemp business Left Coast Ventures of Santa Rosa, CA brought the mini solution notion to Hart in his household in nearby Occidental. Hart hasn’t met the actual Chemdog, but he will quickly.

“As a loyal Deadhead, I’m proud to see Chemdog featured in the initial solution from Mickey Hart,” mentioned Chemdog in the press release for the Minis. “It plays an significant part in Grateful Dead history and I consider it is fascinating that Mickey is bringing it complete circle to fans and cannabis enthusiasts in Thoughts Your Head.”

The growers at IC Collective are also Chemdog worshippers, breeding offshoots for practically a decade and generating constant, higher-THC, uber-pungent pre-rolls and eighths. IC’s founder— a deadhead—first attempted the Chemdog strain in ’93, and later met the man Chemdog.

Discover Chemdog Close to You on Leafly Finder

“We by no means purchased a seed or clone,” Oakland, CA-primarily based IC Collective states. “We sourced the Chem genetics and reversed the Chem 91 to build our personal boutique array.”

Hart loves his new stash, he mentioned. “I’ve gotten some free of charge samples, alright,” Hart laughs. “It is as very good as they say it is.”

The .three-gram mini-pre-roll is the fantastic type issue for him, he mentioned. It is about 1-third the size of a “standard,” 1-gram joint. But when the herb is testing at close to 30% THC, a mini packs a punch.

“The minis had been proper on target. These strains are quite strong, as you know. You have to choose your moments with them, and so I do not smoke a entire doobie ordinarily. The mini just created fantastic sense, for the reason that I do not like to light it up once more the second time.”

The strain’s uplifting cerebral effects also match Mickey’s style.

“The Chemdog strain is wonderful. It raises your consciousness. It is quite vibrant and you are genuinely conscious with it. It is created for the visionary factor.”

Do Drummers Smoke A lot more Herb?

Hart heads back out on tour with Dead and Corporation May well by way of July, going across the US. I asked him if—based on his substantial experience—drummers smoke additional cannabis that other musicians. He laughs for ten seconds straight.

“That’s a killer,” Hart mentioned. “I’ve by no means genuinely necessarily noticed that. But who knows? Perhaps lead guitarists? Perhaps rhythm guitarists, you know? Perhaps bass players!”

Offered his expertise in rock and roll, Hart mentioned he does not see cannabis as a vice. “It’s the opposite of that.”

He calls it a musical tool, specifically compared to other substances.

“There are items you can play on and items you can not. Liquor interferes with your timing and your sensibilities,” he mentioned. “If you are attempting to have a conversation and hold the conversation at the highest level [with the band]—you can not do that.”

“But cannabis opens up a entire vista of items that you would not ordinarily see or hear or build. It is quite inventive and that is the most significant factor. It brings you into the now, and that is exactly where music and other inventive experiences lay.”


Hart’s custom art covers the collectible tin case. (Courtesy Thoughts Your Head)

Dead and Company’s 2019 tour begins May well 31 in the Bay Location. Appear for Mickey Hart brand Thoughts Your Head Magic Minis featuring IC Collective Chemdog in restricted edition collectible tins at these fine retailers:

·      Berkeley Individuals Group, Berkeley, CA

·      Airfield Provide Co., San Jose, CA

·      Mercy Wellness, Cotati, CA

·      Hi-Fidelity, Berkeley, CA

·      Urban Pharm, San Francisco, CA