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(This story has been updated to proper the quantity of lots awarded to Demecan.)

The German Federal Institute for Drugs and Overall health-connected Devices (BfArM) on Monday announced the final final final results of the domestic cultivation application course of action, confirming the preliminary final final results as reported by Marijuana Company enterprise Day-to-day last month:

  • five lots for Aurora Produktions GmbH.
  • five lots for Aphria Deutschland GmbH.
  • three lots for Demecan GmbH.

1 certain of Aphria’s awarded lots and all three of Demecan’s were challenged by an unsuccessful applicant.

The three corporations now have 18 months to present the pretty 1st harvest, which must meet Superior Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) and Superior Manufacturing Practice (GMP) superb specifications.

The corporations will have to build in indoor facilities with “bunker style” security measures.

The contracted production for the 13 lots totals 10,400 kilograms (22,928 pounds) additional than a period of four years, with each and every single lot representing 200 kilograms per year.

The contracts incorporate a clause that could let production to strengthen by 10% all through that period.

Complying with the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, all the production will be bought by BfArM and resold to overall health-connected marijuana businesses, wholesalers or pharmacies.

The worth at which the BfArM will obtain the flowers from the producers is not publicly recognized and depends on the winning bids.

The criteria to choose the winners was mostly primarily based on a maximum of 100 points, of which 60 have been granted mostly primarily based on technical documents and 40 mostly primarily based on worth, with the lowest give acquiring the most points.

Imports will continue to be feasible. In the pretty 1st quarter of 2019, for instance, Germany imported 765 kilograms.