Pinpointing Marijuana Flavors: How to Profile Weed With Your Tongue


Dear Stoner: I love trying to figure out the different flavors of weed. What are the best ways to taste everything when I smoke?
Flavor Saver

Dear Flavor Saver: First off, don’t smoke if spotting flavor profiles is your top priority; vaporize your flower and concentrates instead. The lack of ash and burnt plant matter will provide a much cleaner-tasting hit, especially when your vaporizer isn’t set too high. Once cannabis starts tasting like burnt popcorn, you’ll know the flavor is burned out — but all the cannabinoids aren’t. Not all vapes are created equally, though, so don’t be cheap if you’re buying one or it’ll taste worse than smoking.

If you do have to smoke, be as clean as you can about it. Stay away from dirty bong water, clogged glassware and flavored joint papers or blunt wraps, because they’ll either muck up or mask terpenes. And get a hemp wick to light your flower, as the chemicals used for ignition in matches and lighters can alter the flavor of freshly lit cannabis. Nobody likes butane mouth.

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