By Lyndsie Kiebert
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Thousands of persons have signed a petition to drop charges against truck drivers caught with hemp in Idaho.

The petition, produced on alter.org by Tracy Olson of Boise, had garnered extra than four,500 signatures as of Wednesday evening. Olson told the Idaho Statesman that she’s an “ordinary citizen in Idaho who is definitely concerned about what’s going to occur to these men and women.”

Hemp has been legalized at the federal level and is legal in practically each and every other state,” Olson wrote in the petition, addressed to Ada County Prosecutor Jan Bennetts. “We do not want our tax dollars spent prosecuting or incarcerating these men and women, and we do not really feel their future employment prospects really should be clouded with a criminal record on account of their perform transporting hemp. It is cruel to upend these men’s lives in the present manner, and frankly, it is an embarrassment to the State of Idaho.”

Andrew D’Addario, Erich Eisenhart and Denis Palamarchuk are the truckers getting charged. Though D’Addario and Eisenhart have been located transporting hemp just before it was federally legalized final year, Palamarchuk was arrested afterward.

Idaho Rep. Ilana Rubel, D-Boise, shared the petition through Twitter Sunday and urged persons to sign it.

“It’s totally in the hands of the Ada County prosecutor,” Rubel told the Statesman. “There’s no one else in the state who can repair what I view as a serious miscarriage of justice.”

The Statesman reports that state laws tends to make no distinction involving hemp and marijuana — all types of cannabis are outlawed. Even though efforts have been created throughout the current legislative session to legalize hemp in Idaho, no bills have been passed, which means transportation of the material by means of the state is nevertheless illegal.

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