When towards the finish of 2018, the US FDA had released the infamous statements about the alleged alarming rise in youth vaping, Canada who had usually seemed to be a step ahead of the US in relation to harm reduction, seemed unfazed by the FDA’s actions. At the time, Well being Canada spokesperson Anna Maddison had explained that existing Canadian regulations currently restricted “the promotion of vaping merchandise with candy and dessert flavours, such as crème brûlée and blueberry cake.”

“Canada has established a sturdy regulatory framework for vaping merchandise, with a concentrate on stopping uptake by youth and non-smokers,” mentioned Maddison at the time, adding that Canada was about to introduce an educational campaign about vaping targeted at teens.

Well being Canada Director says that teen vaping poses an “existential threat”

study from wales has located that contrary to claims saying that vaping normalizes smoking,the quantity of youth claiming that attempting a cigarette was “OK”, has declined exponentially.

The 1st component of a multi-phase campaign targeting youth vaping and urging parents to start out discussing vaping overall health dangers with their youngsters, was launched final January. “The vaping market place is evolving swiftly, with the standard introduction of new merchandise into Canada,” mentioned spokesperson for Well being Canada Maryse Durette on announcing the campaign. “We are conscious of each anecdotal facts and unpublished study displaying increases in the price at which Canadian youth are attempting and working with vaping merchandise.”

To this impact, in an interview on Regulator Watch recorded final week, Director Basic of the Tobacco Handle Directorate at Well being Canada James Van Loon, mentioned that the concern about an boost in teen vaping is true and substantial. “If left unchecked, youth vaping poses an “existential threat” to the vaping market in Canada,” mentioned Van Loon in what is clearly a warning to market stakeholders.

Is teen vaping actually a trouble?

Meanwhile, current information from across the globe show no such worrisome trends. Figures released in New Zealand indicate that vaping prices stay low and are even dropping additional amongst some age groups, even though smoking has dropped to a record low.

New Zealand’s Associate Well being Minister Jenny Salesa  pointed out that these numbers indicate that there is no proof to help the infamous ‘Gateway Theory’. “Year 10 vaping in New Zealand remains low, and largely amongst students who smoke. There is nonetheless no proof to recommend vaping is a gateway to cigarette smoking,” she mentioned.

Similarly, a current study led by Cardiff University researchers in Wales, has located that contrary to claims saying that vaping normalizes smoking, the percentage of young individuals who reported that attempting a cigarette was “OK”, has declined from 70% in 1999 to 27% in 2015. Additionally, the researchers located that this price began dropping at a more rapidly price from 2011 onwards, when e-cigarette use enhanced exponentially.

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