Pure Science Remedies Review

  • Pure Science Remedies Review


CBD Oil Review rates The Pure Science Remedies Brand with two stars because it qualifies for the Quality & Mission Badges.

Pure Science Remedies: 60-Second Summary

We wish we knew more about Pure Science Remedies’ background and ethos, but unfortunately, the page most likely to be bearing that information is strangely presented to us in Latin. Luckily, the company provides a lot of good information on—most of—its products pages and its ingredients lists, when we get to see them, speak for themselves, boasting all-natural or otherwise non-toxic items only.


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Pure Science Remedies Brand Review

Hailing from South Florida, Pure Science Remedies (master distributor of Pure Science Lab CBD) boasts a vast inventory of CBD oil-infused products, including a range of cannabidiol topicals and skincare items, CBD oil tinctures—for both humans and pets—cannabidiol capsules, and even CBD edibles for dogs and cats.

Still, in several areas, the company—or, at least, it’s website manifestation—skews a bit uneven.

Most product pages found at Pure Science Remedies offer helpful and even verbose explanations on the item in question, its origin and usage recommendations, as well as full ingredients lists. But a few items have just a sentence or two to their name, with no public peek behind the curtain, as the company claims a proprietary blend of ingredients.

A bit worryingly, some of these items are in the company’s skincare line, where noxious chemicals can more easily hide in long and scientific-sounding ingredients lists, though the majority of products that do include ingredient information showcase impressive lists that are either all-natural or mostly so, with no toxic components to raise our red flag. (Capsules are also vegetarian-friendly.)

But even bearing those strengths in mind, we can’t quite wrap our heads around why Pure Science Remedies’ “About Us” page is written in Latin. Surely, it’s some sort of easily-fixable glitch, but without having an accurate translation of the page, we feel we’re missing out on what may be some vital information on the company and its ethos.

Still, while Pure Science says each of its products are third-party lab tested, we can’t seem to find the results posted anywhere on their site – in any language.

Bottom line: Pure Science Remedies seems to have put together a wide-ranging line of quality cannabidiol products, whipped up from CO2-extracted CBD oil and a slew of all-natural ingredients. Still, there are no links available to the third-party lab tests the company says its items undergo, and an entire page of the site is inexplicably written in Latin, robbing us of some precious insight into Pure Science Remedies operations.

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Badges For Pure Science Remedies

Pure Science Remedies ReviewQuality Verified

Pure Science Remedies sources its hemp from Europe and creates its CBD oil through the supercritical CO2 extraction process.

Pure Science Remedies ReviewMission Verified

Pure Science Remedies wants to bring quality, natural cannabidiol to more customers around the globe.



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Pure Science Remedies

Pure Science Remedies Review