A girl walks into a comedy show and sparks up a joint…

If you are waiting for a punchline, there’s none. Weed-friendly rooms are all the rage on the Canadian comedy scene. These are shows exactly where you can stroll in, settle down, and get higher though you watch some excellent stand-up.

Montreal comedian/producer Reese Turner explains the draw. “ Cannabis and comedy go with each other like peanut butter and jelly. Anytime I would go to a comedy show, the initially cease was what ever alley was behind the club. A lot of persons are like we had been, but now we’ve invited them inside.”

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Studio Sesh

“Have you ever wondered how lots of persons it requires to hotbox a space?” Turner asks his audience. “This lots of. This lots of persons.”

A hearty round of laughter follows from the crowd. Turner has been performing for close to four years and began creating in 2017. His show, Studio Sesh, started as a month-to-month but now runs biweekly.

I’ve attended a handful of shows (for investigation purposes only, mom) and they’re some of the ideal experiences I’ve had with reside stand-up.

It is exciting seeing a show in a venue that is not a comedy club. There’s some thing about the vibe of his space that is just super chill. Absolutely everyone is friendly and there to have a very good time. No a single is drunk or belligerent. And it attracts excellent talent.

“It’s just such a exceptional space and the crowds are out of this planet,” Turner says. “Lately, a lot of persons from out of town have been contacting me [to perform on the show]. Individuals are actually excited to be a aspect of some thing like this.”

Nearby Montreal comic Lawrence Corber agrees. “The goodie bags are remarkable,” he jokes. “And it is a exciting venue for the crowd and the performers.”


Stoner Sundays

Mike Rita got into comedy more than a decade ago, though in his late teens. He worked the open mics till he was capable to land club spots, and now performs at festivals like Just for Laughs and operates alongside comics like Joe Rogan and Tommy Chong.

Rita’s weekly show, Stoner Sundays, presents what he calls the “Pot Comedy Room” vibe. “The enjoyment is internal,” he says. “It tends to make for a strange show exactly where everybody is smiling at you, but no one is laughing. It is a single of the longest operating comedy rooms in the nation and every week we get strong audiences who like the show. It is actually exciting to host.”

Jokes N Tokes Comedy Showcase

Andrew Packer began performing 5 years ago, grabbing stage time wherever he could, from Yuk Yuks to Absolute Comedy. He now runs the JNT Comedy Showcase (Jokes & Tokes). The show capabilities leading-notch Toronto comics and an out-of-town headliner. It regularly sells out.

Packer knows he has a winning formula, for each the audience and the performer. “Stage time is king,” Packer explains. “Getting time in front of actual audiences is necessary to get far better. Cannabis-friendly audiences are typically capable to sit and watch for a longer time, compared to an audience that is just drinking or sober… my shows provide lots of top quality stage time.”


Jokes N Tokes Pro/Am Show

Just after Packer’s good results with his Toronto show, he began a second show known as JNT Comedy Pro/Am every single Sunday in Vancouver. The show speedily gained reputation and generally sells out. It offers stage time for the up-and-comers, and often capabilities three expert comics.

Packer runs the show with support from neighborhood comics. “Cory Lupovici is the primary comedian on the sound and back mic. Sean McDonnell is a different excellent comic and he generally guest hosts or replaces Cory when either of us are away. Ari Matti, Ola Dada, and Dusty Searcy are also common acts that do a excellent job.”

Not Just Stoner Jokes

This is not a evening of pure stoner comedy. The acts differ and some comics do not even go there. “We’ve had a handful of persons on that have by no means touched [ cannabis] at all, they just actually appreciate to play the space,” Turner says.

I was at a show with a comedian who does not partake. But he was higher that evening, and it was a glory to behold. He kept forgetting his punchlines but managed to keep regularly funny. Packer explains this, saying, “Doing comedy stoned is type of like operating track with hurdles. At times though higher you may well neglect the subsequent line of your joke and be forced to come up with some thing suitable in the moment… It is a pretty very good comedic physical exercise.”

Rita expounds, saying, “There’s a choose group of comics, young and old, who appreciate the weed rooms. They appreciate the challenge. It is definitely a single of the ideal feeling in comedy to make a weed space laugh. It is like a tiny trophy for a nicely-written joke.”

If you haven’t been to a show, I hugely suggest it. If you cannot uncover a space close to you, do not despair. All 3 of the comedians talked about are touring with shows across Canada beginning this spring. Preserve an eye on their Facebook pages for updates.