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Trulieve Hybrid OG Kush (Ogk)


Trulieve Hybrid OG Kush (Ogk) has powerful genetics and is recognized as a single of the ideal hybrid strains of cannabis.

This strain assists alleviate aches and pains, enabling sufferers to handle discomfort extra precisely than with pharmaceuticals alone.

OG Kush does err on the side of getting extra of an indica-dominant hybrid, so this is a strain that will really feel heavier than sativa-dominant hybrids.

It is advisable that new sufferers ease into their OG Kush consumption.

Sufferers struggling with depression and nerve harm and discomfort will most likely really feel some instant relief.  

OG Kush smells like lemons and earth.

If you like Trulieve Hybrid OG Kush, attempt Trulieve Lemon Tree and Trulieve Pineapple Express.

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