Traverse City just decided the 13 companies that get to begin opening up health-related marijuana dispensaries inside city limits.

The city held a lottery drawing Friday morning to decide who gets to take the subsequent actions in opening these companies up. 

That drawing wrapped up Friday about 11 a.m. and it was a packed home as people today waited to see if they could open up a health-related marijuana dispensaries.

The city had a total of 72 applications that had been submitted but only 13 companies will get to open up.

That was a quantity set by city commissioners.

The best 13 one of a kind addresses that had been drawn Friday will now move on to yet another permit approach that could take as lengthy as six months

We spoke to 1 of the people today who had their application drawn inside the best 13 who is hoping to open ahead of that.

“I think that marijuana does have a lot of healing purposes and the health-related aspect of it is a thing that is needed to get off of the opioids and to have option healing,” stated Melisa Bertram.

That six month permit approach will include things like a round of a variety of inspections at these companies.

If any of them do not full it, the subsequent one of a kind address drawn just after them in Friday’s lottery will have a opportunity to take the subsequent actions to open a health-related marijuana dispensaries.