Dirk Van de Place, CEO of Mondelez (the parent business behind the Oreos brand), mentioned the business is “getting ready” to create CBD-infused snacks, but indicated that the business does not have plans to add it to its “family brands” such as Oreo, Nilla Wafer, Nutter Butter, or Cadbury chocolates.

In an interview NBC News, Van de Place indicated the business was nevertheless waiting federal regulations about potentially adding the compound to meals, which has, so far not been authorized by the Meals and Drug Administration.

“The space is not clear. It is a bit clearer in non-meals items. In meals items, I’m hoping that the FDA will bring some clarity in the coming months.” – Van de Place, by means of NBC News

Final month, the agency announced they would be holding public hearings this month on the sale of CBD and adding it to meals items. At present, there are no suggestions enabling for such items to be sold.

The lack of regulations did not quit Carl’s Jr. from rolling out it is Rocky Mountain Higher burger in Denver, Colorado for four/20 final month, which was topped with Santa Fe Sauce infused with five milligrams of CBD.

In spite of this new path, CBD-infused Oreos do not seem to be in the cards for Mondelez. Van de Place mentioned the business would most likely produce new solution lines for any CBD infusions or add them to its non-loved ones brands.

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