The New Hampshire state Senate authorized a bill on Thursday that would enable healthcare marijuana individuals to cultivate cannabis at dwelling. The measure, Home Bill 364, was authorized by a vote of 14-10. Below the measure, individuals registered in the state’s healthcare marijuana plan would be permitted to possess up to 3 mature cannabis plants, 3 immature plants, and 12 seedlings.

The 7,000 registered healthcare marijuana individuals in New Hampshire are presently restricted to acquiring cannabis from 1 of 4 Option Therapy Centers, driving up the cost and causing some individuals to turn to unsafe choices as an alternative, according to Democratic Sen. Tom Sherman.

“Therapeutic cannabis can be incredibly highly-priced when sold at an Option Therapy Centers, and some individuals have had to turn back to opioids as a less costly choice to ease their discomfort,” mentioned Sherman through the debate for the bill on Thursday.

Bill Survives Opposition in Senate

But some senators, such as Republican Sen. Sharon Carson, opposed the bill, believing there have been not powerful adequate measures for handle and enforcement. Some of these fears have been allayed with a floor amendment that removed a provision that would have permitted a patient cultivating healthcare marijuana to present cannabis to an additional registered patient.

Republican Sen. James Gray mentioned final week that he is opposed to the bill.

“I believe proper now the locations that we’ve authorized to develop marijuana for medicinal purposes – we have a lot of a lot of controls more than that spot, such as walls, cameras, and so forth.,” Gray mentioned. “And opening up to dwelling develop just does not look to make sense to me. It is nonetheless illegal federally.”

Activists Assistance Much more Choices for Sufferers

Matt Simon, the New England political director for cannabis reform advocacy group the Marijuana Policy Project, mentioned in a press release that passing the bill will give individuals a new option to get their medicine.

“This critically crucial bill will make healthcare cannabis extra accessible to qualifying individuals in New Hampshire,” mentioned Simon. “Medical cannabis is not covered by wellness insurance coverage, and a lot of individuals are unable to afford the items that are offered at dispensaries. For some, dwelling cultivation is basically the most effective, most very affordable choice.”

This is the very first time that dwelling cultivation for healthcare marijuana individuals has received assistance from the New Hampshire Senate. Home Bill 364 now heads back to the New Hampshire Home of Representatives, which authorized an earlier version of the measure final month. If the Home concurs with amendments to the bill produced in the Senate and votes to approve the bill once again, it will be sent to Gov. Chris Sununu for his consideration.

The bill is opposed by the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police, whose members worry that dwelling-cultivated healthcare marijuana will be diverted to unauthorized customers, according to media reports.