Oral Cannabidiol Prevents Allodynia and Neurological Dysfunctions in a Mouse Model of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.


Neurological dysfunctions are the most impactful and persistent consequences of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Certainly, earlier reports recommend that an association among TBI and chronic discomfort syndromes, as effectively anxio-depressive behaviors, tends to be additional frequent in sufferers with mild types of TBI. At present, no successful remedy possibilities are accessible for these symptoms. In the present study, we employed a weight drop mild TBI mouse model to investigate the impact of a commercially accessible 10% Cannabidiol (CBD) oil on each the sensorial and neuropsychiatric dysfunctions related with mild TBI by way of behavioral and biomolecular approaches. TBI mice created chronic discomfort related with anxious and aggressive behavior, followed by a late depressive-like behavior and impaired social interaction. Such behaviors had been associated with certain alterations in neurotransmitters release at cortical levels. CBD oral remedy restored the behavioral alterations and partially normalized the cortical biochemical alterations. In conclusion, our information show some of the brain modifications almost certainly accountable for the behavioral phenotype related with TBI and recommend the CBD as a pharmacological tool to enhance neurological dysfunctions triggered by the trauma.


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