Mexico Aims to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Just before October


Momentum inside the marijuana market is undeniable. Due to the fact 1995, we’ve observed assistance for broad-primarily based legalization in the U.S. catapult from just 25% to 66% in October 2018, according to Gallup’s national poll. We’ve also gone from obtaining zero U.S. states legalized for healthcare or recreational purposes in 1995 to 33 states obtaining authorized healthcare marijuana as of nowadays, with 10 also permitting adult consumption.

This exact same momentum can be observed outdoors the United States as properly. These days, additional than 40 nations worldwide have provided the green light to healthcare cannabis, with two — Canada and Uruguay — permitting the recreational sale of the drug. In reality, Canada’s landmark legalization in 2018 marked the very first time an industrialized nation had totally legalized weed.

The large query generally appears to be, which nation is subsequent?

According to on the internet cannabis publication Marijuana Moment, the answer is quite apparent: Mexico.

Mexico plans to roll out the green carpet prior to October

In June 2017, Mexico became a single of the aforementioned 40-plus nations to legalize healthcare marijuana, which is no modest feat provided the manage particular drug cartels wield in Mexico. With this healthcare pot infrastructure currently in location, the time has come for Mexico take the subsequent logical step and turn out to be the third nation worldwide to have broadly legalized cannabis. [Read more at The Motley Fool]


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