Lemon Meringue is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It was born by means of the crossing of Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream.

Lme is usually utilized to treat depression and headaches. Also, ADHD sufferers have reported feeling much more focused, inventive and motivated immediately after consuming this strain.

Lme is recognized to combat nausea and anxiousness, which generally go hand-in-hand, and appetite struggles. If pharmaceuticals are inhibiting to some sufferers, Lemon Meringue could  be advantageous in relieving some of the symptoms linked with painkiller use.

It is uplifting and energizing, so for some sufferers, daytime use could be preferred. Though it does give relaxation, the term “couchlocked” does not normally apply to Lemon Meringue.

Aromas: Nuts, Lemon, Citrus, Hints of diesel

Flavors: Lemon, Citrus, Creamy, Sweet, Zesty

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