Cypress Hill killed it at 420 Vancouver 2019 final weekend. You might’ve observed the galleries and pictures, but have you observed it from their eyes?

If not, then verify out the Instagram vid the legendary hiphop group lately shared, and not only can you see the enormous 60,000-sturdy crowd that came out to 420 Vancouver 2019 for the totally free show, you can see how hazy Sunset Beach essentially gets.

It is the closest you can come to becoming there once again.

The video is soundtracked by “(Rock) Superstar”, one particular of Cypress Hill’s most memorable songs from the early 2000’s. You may well recall it becoming featured in a small film known as Education Day starring Denzel Washington. It was also the song that closed out the 420 Vancouver concert, and judging by the response it got from the 1st handful of notes of the instrumental, it was specifically what the crowd was waiting for.

The climactic closer saw rappers B-True and Sen Dog jumping about onstage having the crowd hyped with Mix Master Mike on the turntables and Eric Bobo on drums.

Everybody at Cannabis Life Network was thrilled to get a shoutout from the band and is searching forward to the subsequent time Cypress Hill swings by means of the 604.

Maintain your eyes peeled for properly-identified cannabis connoisseurs like Craig Ex, Jodie Emery, Piper Courtenay, Al the Alchemist, (the inventor of the Sublimator) Enrico Bouchard, and Neil Magnuson, the man behind the Cannabis Substitution Project.

Featured image courtesy of Cypress Hill on Instagram.

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