Neglect your morning cup of coffee. The Sour Diesel marijuana strain functions even greater as an early morning motivator. This strain is best for any time of day. It will invigorate, revitalize, and energize you like absolutely nothing you have ever knowledgeable. Not only do numerous men and women agree that applying this strain is like consuming big amounts of caffeine, but they also think it to be very medicinal.

Sour Diesel Strain Information and Lineage

What is Sour Diesel? Sour Diesel is a sativa marijuana strain featuring a 90% sativa, 10% indica ratio. If you are seeking for a strain that has overwhelming sedating effects, this is not the strain for you. Rather, you could attempt an indica dominant strain.

Sativa dominant strains like the Sour Diesel weed strain are recognized to make customers really feel excited, vibrant, and energetic. Normally this strain will also make you really feel clear-headed and focused which is best for these early mornings or when you will need an afternoon choose-me-up. The Sour Diesel strain THC levels are in between 18-26% so you can count on a tiny of this effective strain to go a extended way.

The origin of this outstanding marijuana strain remains a mystery. But, most think Sour Diesel is the item of the potent parent plants Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk.

Aroma, Flavor, and Look

Offered its name, it is not genuinely surprising that this strain is recognized to be one particular of the most pungent and stinkiest marijuana strains obtainable. Having said that, this high quality is one particular of the motives Sour Diesel is so well-known. Persons enjoy its special skunky and citrusy aroma. Be conscious that this pungent smell is also probably to stick with you even immediately after you are completed with it.

When it comes to the flavor of Sour Diesel, you can count on robust earthy flavors with hints of lemon and citrus. Even though, all round, the skunkiness of this strain is probably to be overpowering leaving you with only traces of citrus and spice.

This potent and effective strain is recognized to have a fairly classic pot appear. Pinkish-orange pistils twist up by way of leafy green sugar leaves as tiny crystal trichomes frost the nuggets hinting that you are in for a genuine challenging hit.

Sour Diesel Develop Information

Beneath the appropriate situations, the Sour Diesel cannabis strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. Having said that, no matter exactly where you choose to develop it, retain in thoughts that its robust smell will let anybody in the vicinity know it is there.

Even though this may well not be the very best strain to pick if this is your incredibly initially time providing developing a go, it also is not the most difficult strain to develop either. This could be an exceptional strain for these who have a tiny knowledge below their belt and want to attempt some thing a tiny much more tricky without the need of having as well crazy.

The Sour Diesel strain yield is typical when compared to other strains. Having said that, the Sour Diesel strain flowering time is a tiny longer than typical at 9-10 weeks.


If you choose to develop Sour Diesel outdoors, retain in thoughts that the plants will will need to be cultivated below lots of sunshine and with incredibly fertile soil. If there is not sufficient sunshine, the crop can endure and drop its potency.

For the reason that of its longer flowering time, you can count on the outside harvest for this strain to be in early November as an alternative of October like numerous other strains. Having said that, a lack of sunshine can result in an early flowering period which is not wholesome for your plants. When developing Sour Diesel outdoors, you can count on a bigger yield of about 20-25 ounces per plant.


The Sour Diesel marijuana strain can be cultivated below lights in soil or by applying the hydroponics strategy. But, if grown indoors, this strain will will need lots of space to develop as it can be recognized to attain fairly tall heights. When grown indoors you can count on a yield of about 20-25 ounces per squared meter.

Sour Diesel Strain Effects


This versatile strain is recognized to spark creativity and positivity. Typically men and women even say the strain tends to make them really feel vibrant and bubbly. But, even even though Sour Diesel is an amazing choose-me-up, it also has calming qualities that will make you really feel light and airy without the need of bringing your power levels down.

General, this strain is a wonderful mood-booster that will give you a sense of calm and clarity without the need of overly relaxing you. The marijuana strain Sour Diesel will enable you to nonetheless be capable to get issues completed with your day. It can be enjoyed in the morning, afternoon, or evening but you may well want to keep away from this strain just before heading to bed.


With any cannabis strain, it is important to know your limits and stick to them. It is generally greater to commence tiny and take it quick at initially and attempt much more subsequent time if you really feel comfy.

With this strain, there is the possibility that you may well knowledge improved anxiousness or paranoia, in particular with bigger doses. If you start to really feel anxious or paranoid, attempt to loosen up or perhaps even meditate. It is crucial that if you commence to really feel this way, to retain in thoughts that it will ultimately pass.

The most popular side effects connected with the cannabis strain Sour Diesel are dry mouth and dry eyes. Each of these side effects are popular with most strains and can be very easily managed or even prevented. Just be confident to keep properly hydrated just before, for the duration of, and immediately after you use Sour Diesel and use some moisturizing eye drops for the dry eyes.

Healthcare Positive aspects of Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is notorious for generating its customers really feel uplifted and good. Several men and women who struggle with strain or depression discover this strain helpful. Having said that, if you choose to use this strain for a mental disorder, it is very best to stick to a low dose. As well significantly may well essentially result in you much more anxiousness.

Sour Diesel has also discovered to be an exceptional supply for these who deal with chronic fatigue. If you knowledge chronic fatigue, with a slightly bigger dose, this strain will assist you really feel replenished and prepared for the day as soon as once more.

These who endure from headaches, migraines, and chronic discomfort may well also discover relief with the Sour Diesel strain. For extended lasting and productive relief for these sorts of challenges, you may well want to attempt this strain in the kind of concentrates or edibles.


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