Bonzai Therapeutix Review

  • Bonzai Therapeutix Review


CBD Oil Review rates Bonzai Therapeutix with one star because it qualifies for the Mission Badge.

Bonzai Therapeutix: 60-Second Summary

The Oakland, California-based company has a simple site and a simple mission: Bring affordable CBD oil-based products to the masses. But Bonzai Therapeutix may keep things too simple. There’s very little in the way of who they are as a company, what they believe in, or the process that goes into creating their cannabidiol line, and simply not enough information for us to award them many badges.


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Bonzai Therapeutix Brand Review

There’s not much to say about Bonzai Therapeutix, mostly because the site gives us very little to work with. There’s no ‘About Us’ section, no FAQs, and even information on their products is sparse.

The company does say it wants to help make high quality cannabidiol products more widely available—and affordable—for all, and its prices are indeed on the low end. It’s CBD tincture, CBD gummies, and cannabidiol-based wax for smoking are all priced at $30, while its softgel CBD pills and vape juice are $50.

Still, it’s hard to discern exactly what a customer will be getting for their money. The company says its products are made from 100% non-GMO, medical grade hemp but offers no indicators of where the plants are sourced from, making it difficult to award a quality badge.

It does include some “test results” in the description for its cannabidiol gelcaps, which says the product is free from heavy metals, residual solvents, e. coli, and salmonella, among others, but these findings are simply typed into the product description, and not dated. And what the gelcaps do include is more worrisome: Polysorbate is listed as the first ingredient, and while the emulsifier is natural in and of itself, it’s typically treated with the noxious chemical ethylene oxide.

Bottom line: Bonzai Therapeutix may live up to its mission statement on affordability, but the company offers little else in the way of insight or information. We wish they’d be more expressive about who they are as a company, where they source their hemp from, and how their CBD oil is tested so we could award them a few more badges.

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Bonzai Therapeutix ReviewMission  Verified

Bonzai Therapeutix says it wants to provide affordable access to the highest quality CBD oils and products.



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Bonzai Therapeutix

Bonzai Therapeutix Review