14 foreign firms seek licences to develop marijuana in Uganda


PML Day-to-day reports…..KAMPALA – Cabinet is taking into consideration proposals from many organizations that are looking for to venture into increasing cannabis in Uganda for medicinal purposes.

In Uganda, the use of cannabis for recreational purposes is illegal but Cabinet is taking into consideration proposals from a series of foreign firms that seek to make the banned substance create drugs.

Government can’t ignore the proposals offered the quantity of dollars involved (more than UGX11 trillion) and now it is believed they are concentrating on regulation.

A Cabinet data paper tabled by the Ministry of Wellness reads “The minister of Wellness has received applications from 14 organizations interested in the cultivation, extraction and export of cannabis oil for healthcare purposes in line with the provisions of Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substances (Handle) Act 2015”.

“There is a large financial worth prospective for the nation taking into consideration the price at which nations are opening up their markets for the sale of cannabis items for healthcare purposes,” the Ministry of Wellness notes in the short to Cabinet.

The minister lists the rewards to consist of employment possibilities, taxes, technologies transfer, investment possibilities, and trade surplus, amongst other people. For instance, the paper notes, cannabis farming is labour intensive, all plant care and harvesting are accomplished by hand, delivering employment possibilities.

The Wellness Ministry, even so, warns that there is affordable worry that legal cultivation of healthcare cannabis could lead to an raise of the item, which will lead to the escalation of cannabis abuse and linked consequences.

“The dangers linked or resulting from the legal cultivation of cannabis are mitigated by the reality that cannabis is a very controlled plant globally, regulations are overly strict, which guarantees maximum adherence,” she adds.

In the Cabinet paper, it is proposed that the Minister of Wellness will concern written consent for the cultivation of prohibited plants, NDA will concern production and export licences and each the police and NDA will conduct inspection and enforcement of the law.

“As considerably as the region of cannabis cultivation and extraction on an industrial scale is new in Uganda, stringent measures are in spot to regulate it. These projects will develop jobs, bring in foreign currency, and above all, there is no imminent threat to the persons of Uganda or the atmosphere if the measures place in spot are adhered to,” the Wellness Ministry memo to Cabinet concludes.

Currently, Industrial Hemp Uganda Ltd has been licenced to deal in cannabis in the nation for the previous decade with operations in Kasese and other locations.

The cabinet is therefore studying the applications to guarantee that the sector is not messed up.



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