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CBD Oil Review rates the Hemp Healing Brand with three stars because it qualifies for the Quality, Mission & Innovation Badges.

Hemp Healing: 60-Second Summary

There’s a lot to like about Hemp Healing. The Australian company represents the Down Under division of top-notch CBD oil brand Endoca and shares many of its parent company’s stellar quality control practices and deeply-held belief in the natural power of cannabidiol. Still, there’s a decent amount lacking, too, like any up-to-date lab test results proving the potency and purity of the CBD oil. We’d tend to believe the company’s dedication to such practices, but can’t award our safety badge without more hard proof.


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Hemp Healing Brand Review

Hemp Healing is the Australian offshoot of worldwide CBD oil distributor Endoca, with the company dedicated to spreading the good word of all things cannabidiol Down Under.

With the backing of such a large and prestigious company, which has been in the CBD game since 2006, Hemp Healing has a number of cannabidiol products on offer, including CBD “admixes,” which combine quite potent CBD oil with a carrier oil, CBD oil tinctures, and CBD paste.

Products across all three lines are full-spectrum, though they come in “decarb” (or decarboxylated) and raw varieties. (As Hemp Healing explains, the difference between the two is simply a heating process. Raw products contain the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes. Applying heat reduces the amount of acid-based cannabinoids found in the CBD oil.)

CBD oil and cannabidiol paste is also separated by just one step. CBD oil products go through an additional filtration process that removes some of the bulkier components of the compound, including naturally occurring paraffin and waxes. The last step makes CBD oil much thinner and smoother than its CBD paste cousin.

Prices range from (in Australian dollars) $175 for the lowest-potency paste to $505 for the company’s most powerful admixture. All other ingredients, as promised, are completely natural.

Hemp Healing says its products are tested from seed to shelf, literally. Hemp seeds are tested for quality, the fledgling plants are tested while they’re growing, and CBD extracts are also tested during each stage of the purification process.

It all sounds lovely, and, especially with parent company Endoca’s stellar reputation (Endoca received 5 out of 5 badges from us), we’d presume this is true, but we sadly couldn’t find any up-to-date results on Hemp Healing’s website. (Believe us, we looked.) The company does offer a “typical Certificate of Anaylsis” for its decarb CBD oil paste products, but for our matrix of success, we need to see more to award our coveted safety badge.

Bottom line: Hemp Healing has a lot going for it, including a product we’ve rarely seen in its CBD oil paste, and we believe the company is dedicated to offering a quality product overall. However, we’d like to see more proof of the third-party lab testing discussed on the site before awarding our safety badge, especially when the company says it posts such results online.

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Badges For Hemp Healing

Hemp Healing ReviewQuality Verified

Hemp Healing sources its industrial hemp from Denmark, where the plant is grown to the country’s organic standards. CBD oil is extracted using the environmentally cleaner and biologically safer CO2 method at Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP)-certified facilities.

Hemp Healing ReviewMission Verified

Hemp Healing is the Australian offshoot of worldwide CBD oil distributor Endoca, with the company dedicated to spreading the good word of all things cannabidiol Down Under.

Hemp Healing ReviewInnovation Verified

Hemp Healing seems to be one of the only CBD companies out there offering CBD paste, an unfiltered version of CBD oil that’s taken orally—or can be mixed with food.



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