‘Stoners Are not Lazy,’ Says Man Who Biked 19,000 Miles When Stoned


When British cannabis enthusiast Roger Boyd* decided he wanted to disprove the lazy stoner myth, he set his thoughts to an extraordinary feat: cycling for two years, in 3 continents, 14 nations, and more than 19,000 miles. You could possibly consider Boyd is the kind of man to go huge, but he will inform you he basically likes to do items “properly.” What’s absolutely clear nonetheless, is that he has a passion for cycling, workout, and cannabis.

Prior to Boyd set off on his impressive journey, he was currently striving to show that cannabis does not equal laziness. He began a web site and a YouTube channel committed to his like of combining cannabis with workout and adventure. He switched to vaporizing from smoking and hoped to set an instance of how cannabis can match into a wholesome way of life.

In 2015, he set out on his largest adventure, starting in his house nation of England and ending in Australia two years later. In that time, he would cycle via England, France, Spain, Italy, San Marino, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, India, Nepal, New Zealand, and Australia–all the even though vaping cannabis each and every twenty miles (about 1-two hours). We caught up with Boyd to ask him about his knowledge cycling stoned abroad and what his plans are for the future.

Obtaining Highs About the Globe

Nepal (Courtesy of @healthystoner/Instagram)

When it would be simple to guess this adventure was a “highdea,” Boyd says there was no singular ah-ha! moment. Rather, it was an accumulation of concepts. His like of cycling and adventure collided with his passion for a wholesome way of life and cannabis therefore the urge to disprove the thought that stoners are lazy was born.

Boyd says his packing list integrated:

  • Garments for all climate
  • Camping supplies
  • Cooking supplies
  • Toiletries
  • 1st help
  • Electrical and mechanical supplies
  • Meals and water
  • Cannabis

“I picked up [ cannabis] as I went, sampling the regional strains as I traveled,” he stated. “Sometimes it would come across me, at times I had to appear for it, but we normally managed to come across every single other.”

Of course, who would not be curious as to what strains aided this extraordinary mission? Boyd says that in the UK, exactly where cannabis is nevertheless illegal, he generally under no circumstances knew the names of his strains.

The French Alps (Courtesy of @healthystoner/Instagram)

“It’s only not too long ago that suppliers look to be upping their game and labeling what they sell. For the other 19 years I’ve been an illegal cannabis customer [in the UK], you ask for an quantity, not a strain name.”

As such, a lot of what he consumed throughout his journey will stay a mystery. Even so, that is not to say Boyd didn’t come across some exciting strains even though traveling, and a handful of in specific stood out.

“A pal I’d met in the French Alps sorted me out with some incredible Amnesia Haze which kept me blazed for a month in Italy,” he stated. “I had the ideal Super Lemon Haze in Ibiza, Spain. Indica was all that was on the menu in India. Nepal delivered the ideal hashish I’ve ever inhaled, and Australia gave a terrific regular of what they ‘down under’ refer to as Hydro.”

I Get By With a Tiny Assistance From My Close friends

Italy (Courtesy of @healthystoner/Instagram)

Boyd says that he produced lots of good friends along the way—an simple feat when attracting interest with a touring bike, and lots of of these good friends turned out to be terrific smoking buddies.

“I recall meeting some backpackers in the middle of nowhere on the Excellent Australian Bite—proper remote—and their faces when I supplied them some weed vape had been priceless,” Boyd stated. “I produced some excellent good friends in southern Spain and I toked up with a guru in his temple in India, and loads of other Indians and backpackers along the way. Some of the ideal weed mates I produced had been in Croatia and Serbia … In Australia I met so lots of weed enthusiasts loads of the people today I spoke to would pull out a stash of green from their auto and hand me a bud!”

As for the nation with the ideal cannabis? Boyd says Spain, Nepal, and Australia came out on top rated for stoned adventures, but if he was selecting outdoors of his cycling journey, it has to be a tie in between the US and Canada. This is portion of the purpose Boyd has set his sights on North America for his subsequent adventure.

“North America would be the dream, probably beginning in New York and ending in British Columbia, Canada through Colorado, California, and Oregon. That sounds alright,” muses Boyd. As for how lots of miles he would bike this time? “The only limit is funding. I worked, saved, and paid for the [last] whole trip myself. I’d like to get a sponsor onboard so this could be my job, and then I could cycle 100,000 miles and beyond!”

Living the Dream

Australia (Courtesy of @healthystoner/Instagram)

It is clear to see Boyd is ambitious, but he is also realistic. He does not pretend his journey was simple.

“I was nervous prior to I set off for positive,” says Boyd. “I’d carried out a bit of touring in the past—the length of the UK with a mate and lots of mountain biking each with good friends and on my own—but it was a bit scary to be peddling off with out a clue as to when I’d be back. It wasn’t any tougher than I anticipated, as I anticipated it to be challenging. The excellent days had been extraordinary, and the typical days had been nevertheless terrific. The challenging days had been certainly challenging, but I discovered that as lengthy as I kept on peddling—physically and metaphorically—I knew I’d get via them and items would enhance, and quickly sufficient they normally did.”

So, what suggestions would Boyd offer you to any individual interested in following in his tracks? Go for it! But cautiously.

“Don’t go about attempting to speak to every person about weed with a cannabis leaf-flag flying off the back of your bike and a joint hanging out of your mouth—that’s assuming you are carrying out it someplace exactly where weed is illegal. If it is legal, do all of the above. Also, you ought to currently be into riding a bicycle and cannabis. I wouldn’t advise carrying out this unless you are seriously into each items,” says Boyd.

Boyd also advises caution when selecting place. He says that though he would like to travel in the Middle East and Central Asia, he understood the drug laws are a lot stricter and a lot more critical, and wisely, he wasn’t prepared to take the danger.

For now, Boyd is settled back in Bristol, England, and even though he says it was challenging in the starting to be stationary once more, he sees the positive aspects of each life on the road and life in one particular spot. Nevertheless, he finds himself dreaming of packing up and heading back out for a further adventure. It is no wonder, simply because when speaking to Boyd, one particular issue is clear—he has passion, vision, and drive. You will not come across a lazy stoner right here.

“I chose to do this simply because I like cannabis, adventure, and workout, and I wanted to invest a couple of years carrying out all 3 each and every day.”

* Roger Boyd is an alias to defend his privacy


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