So my finest good friends bf brother was caught for underage drinking and driving. he didnt show up to court and was about to go to jail. he asked for $300 for bail. He asked his brother but he broke so he asked his gf for some dollars and she pitched in some but she be broke also. So they collectively asked their dealer which WAS our pal for $200 ish and she gave it to them.

Months previous and this kid didnt spend any person back for the bails

the inconsiderate kid also traps out in one more town but gets his solution from our dealer.

so for some odd fucking cause the dealer knows this kid currently owes him dollars from bail BUT Nonetheless FRONTS HIM A QP TO DEAL AND GAVE HIM A WEEK.

not even a week my finest firends boyfriend gets all these threats and awful messages to inform his brother to get his act with each other.

1)this kid is awful to his brother and makes use of him all the time so we generally inform my finest good friends bf not to assist him out. two)this kid is not accountable clearly result in he missed his court date.

so currently my pal and I dont like this kid at all but it's 1 of her boyfriends truly only loved ones. so sort of no decision.

anyways the dealer is just going off and saying shit about all of us (like how am I even associated to all this)

it was her decision for fronting him a entire QP when she knew herself she didnt get any dollars from the kid for bail.

really should my finest pal and I and her boyfriend get slandered and cussed out at when we had no concept that he had a entire qp in the initially location till a week ish later?


Is it the dealers fault for fundamentally providing out a free of charge QP and not admit she produced a dumb choice?

please, shes destroying our final semester and days in university.

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