New York Occasions Bestselling author and nationally syndicated sex tips columnist, Dan Savage, is recognized about the globe for his requires on polyamory, Rick Santorum and amateur porn. But now Savage is throwing his nicely-worn cap into the ring of a new cannabis-inspired venture: SPLIFF, an amateur film festival devoted to stoner culture and the entertaining peccadillos of pot and the men and women who imbibe it.  

“There’s a enormous visual element to becoming stoned,” says Savage, well-known for his Savage Like column and Savage Lovecast podcast. “You get stoned and you go to the motion pictures. Or, you get stoned and you binge watch Television. Or, you get stoned and you go lay in the park and appear at the clouds. A lot of becoming stoned is placing a thing in front of your face to let it roll into your brain. So, we believed, there’s in all probability a film festival in that also!” 

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Savage, who rose to prominence when he joined forces with former The Onion co-founder, Tim Keck, at the Seattle alt weekly newspaperThe Stranger, is no amateur when it comes to placing on film festivals. The Stranger’s popular porn fest, HUMP, which Savage co-founded, is now in its 15th year and tours the nation. SPLIFF, which received extra than 250 movie submissions in its inaugural year and will start its run in Denver in April, is poised to claim related accomplishment.  

“HUMP just unleashed all this creativity about sex and gender,” Savage explains. “It functions good friends and lovers enjoying themselves and every other, which is diverse from most commercially-billed pornography. And we just believed, you know, the similar way sex brings men and women collectively, pot brings men and women collectively, also.”  

SPLIFF, which will tour the nation, traveling among weed-friendly cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles, will feature extra than 20 original films, ranging from plot descriptions like, “One particular person. A single peanut. A single backyard. Only a single can win” and “A spaced-out, bizarre ode to hands.” The festival, Savage says, promises to honor each the imaginations and lives of weed tokers. 

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We believed there’s in all probability a complete bunch of men and women out there with items to say about pot or just funny items to say about cannabis culture or about themselves when they’re stoned,” says Savage. “And it turns out we’re correct.”  

For extra info and the complete list of SPLIFF dates and films, click right here