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Story by Jonathon Ambarian – MTN News

HELENA – The Montana Property has endorsed a big reform to Montana’s healthcare marijuana technique.

On Monday, Property members voted 68-32 in favor of Senate Bill 265, sponsored by Sen. Tom Jacobson, a Democrat from Good Falls.

The bill would make a quantity of adjustments to healthcare marijuana in the state. The most significant is “untethering” individuals from providers, which means individuals who do not develop their personal marijuana will no longer have to pick a single provider to obtain marijuana from. Alternatively, they will be restricted to acquiring 5 ounces of usable marijuana per month, and no extra than 1 ounce per day.

SB 265 initially raised a tax on marijuana providers from two % to four %. The Property Taxation Committee amended the bill to make that raise short-term, starting in October 2019 and ending in September 2021.

Democratic Rep. Zach Brown of Bozeman mentioned he has heard complaints that Montana’s healthcare marijuana laws are not clear adequate, and that there hasn’t been adequate enforcement. He mentioned SB 265 will give the Montana Division of Public Overall health and Human Solutions the tools it desires to far better handle the healthcare marijuana technique.

“Ultimately, we see healthcare marijuana as medicine,” he mentioned. “And so the state has an obligation to supply a regulatory framework that supplies certainty for cancer individuals and other kinds of individuals, so that they know that their medicine is secure and efficient, and they know exactly where it came from.”

Some opponents mentioned they had been concerned about a provision in SB 265 that would let physicians grant some patients’ healthcare marijuana certifications making use of telemedicine — a remote exam more than video or telephone. Opponents mentioned that could make also several loopholes in the guidelines.

An try to amend that section out of the bill failed. Supporters of the provision mentioned it would be helpful for individuals in rural Montana.

SB 265 have to now pass a final vote in the Property on Tuesday in order to preserve moving forward.