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Here’s the report…. On Monday afternoon Governor Laura Kelly signed a bill to establish the ‘Commercial Industrial Hemp System.’

This is the extremely 1st year Kansas has permitted industrial hemp to be grown in the state. But, till now it was only permitted inside analysis applications outlined in the 2014 Farm Bill.

This bill now does not imply farmers can develop industrial hemp but, but regualtors can commence organizing for that.

“The Industrial Industrial Hemp System represents a considerable step forward for our agricultural economy. It will present a further crop solution for Kansas farmers in the coming years,” Governor Kelly stated. “I’m proud that Kansas is moving forward with this plan and I appear forward to operating with the Kansas Division of Agriculture, United States Division of Agriculture and other people to encourage development in this new sector.”

Now the bill needs the Kansas Division of Agriculture to perform with the governor and lawyer common to produce a strategy for how the state monitors and regulates the production of hemp. That plan will have to be authorized by the U.S. Division of Agriculture.