Judge to Decide if Nevada Need to Reveal How Marijuana Licenses are Awarded



The state of Nevada has had a quite effective transition from possessing a healthcare-only marijuana plan to enabling recreational sales. Soon after pretty much two years with a totally legal marketplace, the state has been operating on expanding the market, approving new licenses and thinking of the addition of licensed cannabis lounges.

Having said that, with the quantity of applications getting thought of and subsequently rejected, it need to come as no surprise that numerous of these businesses want to know why they are getting denied. Considering the fact that the state’s licensing procedure is far from transparent, these corporations have taken the challenge to court in the hopes of forcing the state to reveal the criteria applied to identify licensing.  

“Licenses that admit a choose handful of to such a profitable enterprise should be created in a way that is open and transparent,” stated lawyer Vincent Savarese, who wrote the constitutional challenge on behalf of Serenity Wellness Center and 10 other businesses that have been turned away.

Out of 462 applicants, there have been only 61 licenses authorized for new dispensaries, cultivation facilities, laboratories and production facilities. It appears apparent that there would be some sort of scoring or points program that determines who is most match to enter the market – but what specifically that criteria is remains a mystery. Devoid of recognizing this information and facts, it is not possible for corporations to know why they have been denied in the licensing procedure.

“It wasn’t completed properly and some thing has to be completed,” stated Casillas. “When you throw that numerous fantastic groups [together], there’s going to be a maximum of points that everyone’s going to earn primarily based on typical sense criteria inside the market. So who’s creating the selection when you max out of these points? Who is going to get the licenses? What was the criteria. That is what we want to know.”

There have been six lawsuits filed against the state Taxation Division on behalf of dozens of diverse businesses. On Monday, a judge in Clark County District Court will think about freezing the procedure of granting any new marijuana licenses temporarily though this matter is settled. The judge will also identify irrespective of whether they need to combine 5 of the circumstances that are at the moment pending against the Division of Taxation.

Among the lawsuit and pending legislation that would enable the Division of Taxation to release information and facts that is at the moment thought of confidential, it seems that some correct transparency may well potentially be coming to Nevada’s marijuana licensing procedure. Soon after all this is settled, numerous of these businesses are preparing to ask for a reevaluation, to guarantee that the proper corporations have been awarded licenses.


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