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This video may well look a tiny distinctive that what I would usually post on my channel but I believed quite a few of you may well discover it intriguing. I’ve been making content material lately for this corporation “GCS Grain Cleaners” www.gcsgraincleaner.com. They lately had me do a client testimonial video interview at a Hemp Farm on the West edge of Minneapolis, MN. It was so intriguing to find out about the variations in between the distinctive sorts of Cannabis that exist. This “ HEMP” Wide variety has tiny to no THC which is the chemical that produces a “higher”. The seeds can be harvested and employed for meals, the biomass (or leafy component of the plant) can be employed to extract CBD Oil, and the stalks can be employed in the plastics and textile business. For extra facts about Charlie’s Hemp Farm you can go to: www.hempacres.com. This may well be an intriguing business to invest in!