Dr. Ron Paul: &quotHemp can&#39t get you higher unless the joint is the size of a phone pole!&quot

~ Prime Ten Information About Hemp #1. For extra than a thousand years ahead of the time of Christ till 1883 AD, Cannabis/Hemp was our planet’s biggest agricultural crop and most crucial business for thousands upon thousands of goods and enterprises, generating the all round majority of the earth’s fibre, fabric, lighting oil, paper, incense and medicines, as nicely as getting a major supply of protein for humans and animals alike.

#two One particular acre of hemp will make as substantially paper as two to four acres of tress.

#three Hemp desires no pesticides or herbicides mainly because it is unpalatable to insects & grows also swiftly for any weed to compete.

#four Trees take around 20 years to mature. Hemp requires four months.

#five We can develop it every single year without the need of damaging the soil!

#six A great deal of the world’s paper was created from Hemp till about 1850. Due to the fact the 1900s, all newspapers and most books and magazines had been printed on wood-pulp paper.

#7 Hemp presents a worthwhile and sustainable fuel of the future, “increasing oil wells”. (Hemp Run Car or truck Pictured to the Ideal @ www.hempcar.org)
hemp auto

#eight Hemp is extra water absorbent than cotton and has three occasions the tensile strength.

#9 Hemp paper does not will need chlorine bleach, which heavily pollutes rives close to wood-pulp paper mills.

#10 “The earliest-identified woven fabric was apparently of Hemp, which started to be worked in the eighth millennium (eight,000-7,000 BC)” say Columbia History of the planet 1981.

google: 12 US presidents smoked marijuana


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