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An financial simulation involving cannabis and creating a drug empire is as well hot for Facebook and YouTube.

Weedcraft Inc., which has just been released, may well no longer be promoted on the two platforms.

Publisher Devolver Digital’s PR manager Stephanie Tinsley stated on Twitter that Weedcraft Inc. was displaying no illicit drug use or violence, accusing Facebook and YouTube of getting hypocritical. Not without having a bit of gallows humor, since you could promote any ego shooter you want (on each platforms), but on the other hand, they make a significant problem about the rather peaceful Weedcraft.

A YouTube spokesman told Venturebeat that the drug problem violates the terms of the video service. Content material that requires the sale, use or misuse of illegal drugs is not suitable for marketing and monetization.

In contrast to the YouTube circumstances, which would even let the drug problem if it had been embedded in an educational context or documentary, Facebook is a lot more stringent, and it is frequently difficult to promote something cannabis-connected. I can inform from our personal encounter that it is not not possible, but the probabilities are higher that they shut down your ad account at a single point.


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