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The Smoking Pot, a new coffee shop serving up CBD-infused beverages, is set to open this week in Spring Branch.

The new shop at 8510 Longpoint Road announced on Instagram that it will open its doors on — of course — April 20, also identified as “international weed day.” Owner and native Houstonian Erick Resendez tells Eater that the shop will serve drinks and breakfast pastries, a lot of of which will be infused with cannabidiol, or CBD oil. The shop occupies a quite modest small space at the address, and signage painted by the artist behind Houston’s popular “Be Someone” mural announces its arrival, comprehensive with cannabis leaves and coffee beans to drive household the shop’s weed-and-caffeine theme.

As far as the drinks on supply are concerned, caffeine enthusiasts can appear forward to nitro cold brewed coffee and espresso drinks, along with canned, CBD-infused cold brew coffees from Austin’s Cuvee Coffee. Empanadas, Mexican sweet breads, and locally-baked pastries, will also be on supply. “Our guests will have the selection to have their coffee with or without the need of CBD,” Resendez says. “They will also have the selection amongst a water-soluble CBD or an oil that we mix into the beverage.”

The Smoking Pot is the 1st CBD-focused coffee shop to open its doors in Houston, but it will not be the final. As Eater reported earlier this year, Amsterdam Co. Coffeebar is at the moment preparing to open its doors in EaDo sometime this summer season. Houston is a small bit late to the CBD-infused beverage trend — more than the previous year or so, shops slinging caffeinated beverages infused with CBD, which proponents claim can treat all the things from anxiousness to cancer, have popped up across the nation.

When it debuts on April 20, The Smoking Pot will be open every day from eight a.m. to eight p.m.