A couple months ago a new plug promised me some pretty powerful weed, known as it Platinum Kush. My usual guy was slacking so I decided I would cop off him and see what he’s about. Ended up smoking two blunts with three close friends that evening and positive adequate I was pretty higher. But then anything weird occurred as we got back in the dorma. My whole physique began going numb. It began receiving uncomfortable to even move and I was genuinely higher so I internally started to panic and walked back to my area and lay in bed.

At this point the tingling sensation had peaked and generating any movement in the bed felt genuinely powerfully weird, as if my skin was Velcro’d to the sheets or anything. I figured I was just way greater than I am applied to receiving and fell asleep. The strangest factor was waking up and I was nonetheless tingling. At this point I was not higher at all, not even a classic physique higher, just numbness and tingling, everywhere. Lastly, right after a couple of hours of moving about it subsided. I did not believe as well considerably of it. I continued smoking due to the fact then and absolutely nothing has occurred. Till two days ago, I smoked an additional blunt and the uncomfortable prickling returned.

Extended story quick, just now I’ve ultimately place it with each other that this only takes place when I invest in from that new guy. Difficulty is, I smoke it with close friends and none of them knowledge this nor have any clue what I am speaking about. So my only explanation is that the distinct strain of weed my second dealer gets me is causing some sort of abnormal bodily reaction in me. Have any of you ever heard of anything like this and/or can deliver a lot more information and facts? Is this symptom hazardous i.e must I quit shopping for from him all with each other? Appreciate any input.