Breaking News: L.A. Identifies Phase three Retail License Undue Concentration Numbers


On April 10, 2019, the Los Angeles Division of Cannabis Regulation (or “DCR”), the neighborhood division that oversees cannabis operators, sent an e mail blast relating to its newly re-developed site. One particular of the a lot of new functions is an interactive city licensing map, which breaks down every single person neighborhood in the City of Angels for retail operations.

The interactive map enables customers to hover more than every single neighborhood in the City of L.A. and see how a lot of retail licenses may possibly be issued, how a lot of have been authorized, and how a lot of are out there. This is a significant present for phase three applicants who are nevertheless attempting to identify exactly where to apply (but recall, these retail licenses are fundamentally going to social equity applicants).

The interactive map also has a “layered” function (the box which has 3 square shapes more than one particular one more), which enables customers to see pending applications and locally authorized companies in every single neighborhood. For every single pending application, customers can see what that application is nevertheless pending: for some, there have been address alterations, other folks have been denied and appealed, some show ownership disputes. This function is also most likely helpful for possible phase three applicants to identify which zones are most effective to apply in.

We nevertheless want to wait and see what the map appears like for non-retail retailers. We do not have any indications as to when that will take place just but. Keep tuned to the Canna Law Weblog for extra L.A. cannabis updates.


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