2019 Dynavap M Critique – New & Enhanced

Create Top quality79%

Vapor Top quality76%

Appear & Really feel74%

Ease of Use78%



75%100All round Score

Dynavap is a firm with a series of analog herb vaporizers. For these that are unfamiliar, analog vaporizers do not function any electronic elements, so they’re heated with torch lighters. Some analog vaporizers have a steep finding out curve, but Dynavap vaporizers have a handful of capabilities that make analog vaping nearly as quick as electronic vaping.

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Solution Pros

  • Special non-electronic temperature indicator
  • Fantastic vapor good quality
  • Higher-good quality USA-created item

Solution Cons

  • Lack of temperature handle
  • Modest heating chamber
  • Variable benefits with outside use




2019 Dynavap M Vaporizer Critique: Breakdown

Top quality

Build Quality

Create Top quality

They have come along was because the original VapCap. The initial wonderful point about the Dynavap M is its superior construct good quality. The stainless steel building is as strong as it gets, and the very-detailed style screams “precision machining.” The updated version introduces a new stem with a redesigned grip style.

This new style adds to the unit’s functionality as nicely as its aesthetic. The style diffracts light in a quite desirable way, though also generating the stem additional tactile. Seriously, every thing about Dynavap’s line of vaporizers alludes to a thoughtful, revolutionary, and higher-good quality style, and we’ll touch on that reality all through this critique.


Vapor Top quality

Since the Dynavap M’s heat supply is a torch lighter, the vapor good quality can differ based on how you use it.

You will want to rotate it as you heat the herb-filled cap, and attempting to heat it as evenly as attainable will enhance your vapor good quality. At its fullest prospective, The Dynavap holds its personal against the ideal electronic herb pens out there and finding out to use it does not take quite lengthy.

As far as analog vapes go, this one’s finding out curve is not also steep in contrast to one thing like the Lotus, and it can create massive, flavorful clouds of vapor. The updated 2019 Dynavap M capabilities an enhanced airflow technique that makes it possible for it to enhance upon the flavor of its predecessor, which is saying a lot since the old Dynavap M was no slouch when it came to flavor.


Dynavap M detached


Appear and Really feel

Dynavap’s line of analog vaporizers is recognized for its precision-engineered, desirable styles. The newly updated 2019 Dynavap M does not break that trend. In reality, it appears superior than ever. As I previously stated, the new tactile stem style plays with light in a way that is quite aesthetically attractive.

On leading of that, it is difficult to go incorrect with a premium stainless steel style. The Dynavap M was a gorgeous vaporizer, but the newly updated version improves upon a style that a lot of currently regarded to be flawless. It was currently the gold typical in terms of analog vaporizers, but Dynavap just raised the bar even greater.



In spite of becoming a pen-style vaporizer, the Dynavap M is not quite believable as a true pen. The style is far also intricate and detailed, and the components applied are also industrial.

Most men and women would assume that this is a pocket tool just before they assumed it was a true pen. That becoming mentioned, they’d assume it was a pocket tool just before assuming it was a vaporizer.

It nearly appears like a designer screwdriver. Its style is downright unconventional, so a great deal so that no a single would automatically believe that it was a vaporizer upon initial glance.

For that cause, I’d say that the 2019 Dynavap M is a fairly discreet vape, and the similar could be mentioned for all of Dynavap’s vaporizers.


Ease of Use

The Dynavap M is a single of the easiest analog vaporizers to use. The revolutionary style tends to make it almost not possible to combust your material, which cannot be mentioned for most analog vapes. When your Dynavap vape reaches the optimal temperature, its cap will make a noticeable “click.”

When that occurs, you can reduce your lighter off and start to take your initial draw. It is that quick. The finding out curve with this analog vape is not as steep as it is with most, and that is due in massive portion to this revolutionary style. It is an integral function that will make analog vaping conveniently accessible to nearly every person.



The Dynavap M’s low-profile style tends to make it quick to pocket and carry about. The only point that detracts from its portability is the reality that it is an analog vaporizer. See, with analog vaporizers, you cannot just drop it into your pocket at any time.

The cap that you heat through torch lighter gets fairly hot, and you will will need to bear in mind to let it cool down just before pocketing the Dynavap M.

It is also worth mentioning that you will will need to carry about a lighter to use this vape, but I do not take into consideration that to be a con in terms of portability. The lighter is a single additional point to carry, but the lack of a constructed-in heating element tends to make the unit smaller sized.

In reality, it is far smaller sized than any pen-style herb vaporizer capable of maintaining up with it in terms of vapor production and flavor. Plus, you in no way have to charge this a single, which really tends to make it additional consistently accessible.


Dynavap is a firm that the vape nation at massive has come to really like, and the newly updated 2019 Dynavap M is the most current installment in a line of great analog vaporizers. The updated style improves upon the original M’s aesthetic as nicely as its functionality, which was currently regarded by most to be almost best.

They produced a handful of incremental style improvements that make the unit that a great deal less difficult to really like, and I wouldn’t hesitate to advise this unit to anybody seeking for a spending budget-friendly vaporizer. As lengthy as you are okay with the analog style, this is a single of the ideal bang-for-your-buck vaporizers on the industry. Additionally, it is conveniently amongst the ideal analog vaporizers accessible.

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