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With the initially quarter of 2019 behind us, cannabis activists, voters, and lawmakers are all searching ahead to what the rest of 2019 will bring in the continuing push for progressive marijuana reform. Which states will leave the expanding minority that continue to outlaw health-related marijuana and which will join the expanding minority that are legalizing recreational? Will the 2018 Farm Bill continue the normalization of cannabis? Will this be the year that federal legalization passes the property, the senate, and the president’s pen? What else lies ahead for cannabis as we head into the final of this century’s teen years? Let’s begin off with the easiest to predict: state legalization.


Subsequent States to Pass Cannabis Reform


A blue wave of Democratic politicians swept by means of state homes final year, which is fantastic news for marijuana legislation. Incoming pro-marijuana governors such as J.B. Pritzker (Illinois), Ned Lamont (Connecticut), Michelle Lujan Grisham (New Mexico), and Tim Walz (Minnesota), amongst other people, have all stated their help for cannabis legalization, regardless of whether health-related or recreational, and have the help of Democratic controlled homes to push these proposals forward. Meanwhile, incumbent Governors in Rhode Island and New Jersey have also stated help for progressive cannabis laws in 2019. 

Even in extra prohibition-supporting states, Democratic-controlled state homes like in New Hampshire may well have substantial adequate majorities to override vetoes from anti-legalization governors such as Republican Gov. Chris Sununu. Heading into Q2 of 2019, the states most probably to legalize recreational are predicted to be New York, New Jersey, and Illinois.


Various states are anticipated to legalize recreational cannabis in 2019. photo credit

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has flipped his 2017 position that marijuana is a “gateway drug” and has come out with a bold agenda to legalize recreational, adult-use of marijuana inside the initially 100 days of 2019. With a newly Democratic state property and senate (voting functions!), a lot of of the legislative barriers to cannabis legalization in New York have fallen away. Each homes have signaled help for legalization. Contained inside New York State’s upcoming price range is the creation of a new Workplace of Cannabis Management. New York State plans adhere to states such as Michigan by regulating cannabis like alcohol with 3 tiers: producers, distributors, and retailers.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy signaled his overwhelming help for legalization back in 2017, creating it aspect of his campaign platform. The state legislature followed suit in late 2018, when senate and assembly committees authorized legalization legislation. Even though there are nevertheless the finer points of legalization to hash out, a bill is anticipated to be signed off on by the governor this year.

Illinois’ new governor J.B Pritzker also created legalization a centerpiece of his 2018 campaign and even held a press conference outdoors a nearby health-related dispensary. He is on record as wanting to commence prohibition repeal efforts as quickly as feasible, and the state property speaker is in complete help of the new governor’s plans.


Federal Legalization in 2019?


We’ll be truthful, the prospects for federal cannabis legalization this year appear slim, barring some sort of “A Christmas Carol but with Marijuana Legalization” practical experience taking place to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other higher-ranking Republicans. Even though 2018 broke records with the election of Democratic, pro-legalization politicians to the property, Republicans nevertheless manage the senate and the presidency and show no indicators of altering their views on marijuana

While Mitch McConnell did assist craft and pass the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp cultivation and its byproduct, CBD, he created clear that marijuana ought to stay a Schedule 1 drug.

Even so, there is a possibility for some progressive legislation this year. The STATES Act, co-sponsored by Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, would give anybody following state marijuana laws a reprieve from federal consequences. This suggests that marijuana corporations would have access to bank accounts, be in a position to take tax deductions, and be freed from prospective criminal liability. The possibilities of the STATES Act passing the senate, and of Donald Trump providing a “win” to a prospective presidential rival, are slim-to-none, but it is nevertheless the most pro-cannabis legislation place forward so far and bodes effectively for cannabis policy in the years to come.


The Future of Marijuana in 2019


Public opinion on marijuana has been heading 1 path for a extended time, with no indicators of wavering. There is momentum on our side, although. Cannabis becoming totally legalized in cultural centers like California and Colorado and legalization efforts along the east coast have helped nurture and normalize the concept of removing marijuana from its Schedule 1 status. With additional legalization campaigns spreading across the Atlantic states, the Midwest, and the Southwest, and decriminalization efforts getting discussed in the South, the future appears vibrant green for the US.

Smoking a Joint

There is surely a lot to appear forward to as progressive cannabis reform spreads. photo credit

Cannabis corporations will also continue to develop and expand thanks to funding from our federally legalized neighbor to the north, Canada. With the absolutely free flow of marijuana funds by means of Canadian banks, American corporations will acquire a considerably necessary monetary increase to hold them till American banks and monetary institutions can take the reins. Devoid of a doubt, 2019 will be a significant year for cannabis on the state level, even with out federal legalization. We can assume that some progressive cannabis measures will fail, but surely lots will also pass. 

Even extra groundbreaking, in 2020, we will most probably have a pro-cannabis politician as 1 of the two contenders for president of the United States. The future of cannabis is searching vibrant, but practically nothing is particular. Only time will really inform exactly where cannabis is headed in the United States. Don’t forget to vote and make your voice heard!

Exactly where do you consider 2019 will take cannabis reform? Share your thoughts in the comments beneath!

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