Strain Sheet: Super Silver Haze Rosin by Orgrow


Reviewing Budmaster: Skywalker

Strain: Super Silver Haze Rosin (Solvent-much less Concentrate) at 85% THC

Producer: Orgrow (Indoor, Soil, Organic)

Super Silver Haze Rosin by Orgrow vapes cleanly and the dab quickly hits the frontal lobe. You could want to sit down for a couple of minutes till you can gather your self, for the reason that this stuff is tough hitting. The vapor expanded in my lungs so I seriously couldn’t deep lung the hit, but I felt tingling all more than face and head. Just after a minute, I felt energized but not hyper or paranoid. If something, I was calm adequate to de-tension from a day of perform but nevertheless take my dog on a run and throw the ball in the park. RUFF! My eyelids felt heavy all through my hour of activity, but I nevertheless had the drive and physical power to retain on going. The advantage of solvent-much less dabs is also quite apparent: The taste is considerably extra all-natural than that of BHO or CO2 (Which leave a menthol/chemical aftertaste I.M.O). All round, I was quite impressed with Orgrow’s rosin and hope to see extra goods like this on our shelves in the future! Wonderful obtain for $35!



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