Obtain Some Old Weed? Here’s How to Use It.


Dear Stoner: I’ve accumulated some weed that is additional than a couple of years old. Any sensible ideas as to how I can finest “recycle”?

Dear Fred: Just before you try to use any old cannabis, inspect it to make certain that no mold or rot has grown considering the fact that the final time you saw it. Undried cannabis or poorly sealed containers that have been forgotten for years can outcome in some yucky stuff. Your finest detectors are your eyes and nose, so scan cautiously for any white, fluffy mold (these are not further trichomes!) and musty scents that remind you of rot. You do not want to smoke or extract that shit.

If your old buds come out clean, they’re most likely also dry and harsh to smoke, but break apart a nug 1st to see what you are operating with. If a tiny hit is deemed smokeable, then empty that sack and start out rolling, brother. If the cannabis is also dry or harsh on the throat, you can generally grind and sift it for kief, or extract it for edibles if you have adequate. Vaporizers would be a wonderful way to take benefit of dry buds, but preserve the heat low, for the reason that dry plant matter burns speedily. Do not attempt to re-humidify it — you are most likely to just make it also wet or moldy.

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