New Mexico Political Report Outlines Modifications In Regulated Cannabis Signed Into Law By Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham



Here’s the detail

New Mexico is set to see some sweeping adjustments to its healthcare cannabis law.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed Senate Bill 406 into law which is the initial important statutorial modify to the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act given that it was enacted in 2007.

The Senate bill created broad adjustments to the plan that variety from permitting healthcare cannabis in schools to permitting licensed producers to approach property-grown healthcare cannabis.

Though some adjustments are simple, other folks will demand the state Division of Overall health, which oversees the Healthcare Cannabis System, to promulgate new guidelines.

Here’s a breakdown of anything SB 406 does:

Healthcare cannabis in schools

By June 14, healthcare cannabis will be permitted on some public college campuses below particular situations. The law says administering cannabis can not disrupt the “educational environment” and parents have to submit a detailed medication program, from a certified healthcare experienced, to the college. The newly signed law does not force schools to let healthcare cannabis on college grounds if that district determines federal funding may possibly be at danger. But the law says a college or college district can not deny a youngster access to the classroom for the reason that they use healthcare cannabis.


Though there are some adjustments to definitions relating to healthcare cannabis, most of them line up with what’s in present guidelines. But, now these definitions are cemented in law. One particular minor modify that may possibly influence sufferers in rural places entails who can take cannabis to a manufacturer, exactly where the plant yield would be turned into edibles, extracts or derivatives. Previously, DOH only permitted Licensed Non-Profit Producers to send their solution to licensed producers. Now, these with a Individual Production License, in other words, these who are licensed to develop their personal healthcare cannabis, can spend to get their plants processed professionally.


The new law also makes it possible for healthcare cannabis sufferers from other states that have a healthcare cannabis plan to take portion in New Mexico’s Healthcare Cannabis System.

Extended renewal period

Now healthcare cannabis sufferers can wait 3 years prior to renewing their healthcare cards rather of one particular year. 

Patient protections

Healthcare cannabis sufferers will also see some protections. Beneath the new law, employers can not fire workers for basically becoming a healthcare cannabis patient. The law has some exceptions, like workers who execute security sensitive jobs. And employers can nevertheless terminate a worker for becoming intoxicated at perform.

Sufferers and parents of sufferers are also protected below the new law from the Young children Youth and Households Division taking custody of their youngsters solely for the reason that of healthcare cannabis. Likewise, the law prevents denied custody rights for just becoming a healthcare cannabis patient.  

Consumption places

The law also makes it possible for for licensed establishments to develop “consumption areas” as extended as they

are authorized by the DOH.

Apart from signing healthcare cannabis adjustments into law, Lujan Grisham also authorized a bill connected to non-healthcare cannabis, that may possibly be a step towards complete legalization of adult-use, recreational cannabis.

Also passed

The governor this week also signed Senate Bill 323, which will remove criminal charges for possession of tiny amounts of cannabis and replace them with civil penalties, or fines. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Joseph Cervantes, opposes complete legalization of cannabis but has been pushing versions of his bill to remove criminal charges given that 2015. 



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